A Guide to Humidors- What are they and how to use them?

There are some things that simply improve with age, such as red wines, fine cigars, and George Clooney. That red wine, on the other hand, will swill if stored upright in a warm, bright atmosphere. Your beloved cigar may soon taste like ash if exposed to extremes of heat, cold, humidity, or even too dry circumstances.

For a hot minute, let’s speak about cigars, specifically proper cigar storage, which is dependent on having a superb humidor. Cigars require carefully controlled temperature and moisture levels to stay fresh for long-term preservation, and you won’t be able to maintain them at the appropriate humidity without a humidor.

A cigar’s quality will deteriorate in less than two weeks if it is not properly stored. On the other hand, it can improve with age if stored properly. After six months of cautious preservation, a smaller, paler cigar may be at its peak flavor profile, while a larger, darker, and more robust cigar may be at its best after two or three years.

Once you’ve safely stored your cigars in a proper humidor, all you have to do now is check the moisture levels every now and again and keep the humidor at room temperature, which should be simple enough.

What is a Humidor, exactly?

A humidor is a storage container designed to help maintain a relative humidity level, which is important for cigars since the tobacco leaves in them naturally expand and contract in response to the relative humidity of the air surrounding them.

When a cigar becomes too dry, it shrivels and loses its scent and flavor, which are two important aspects of cigar smoking. When a cigar is exposed to excessively high humidity, however, mold, decay, and even an infestation of tobacco beetles (yes, beetles) can occur.

Humidors can be as little as a box for use as a travel humidor or as huge as a walk-in closet, which is commonly found in cigar shops. Regardless of size, each humidor will feature a good seal to keep the internal temperature consistent, as well as a thermostat and hygrometer to assist the owner in maintaining ideal conditions.

How do they work?

Humidors work by ensuring that cigars are kept in the best possible conditions. Your cigar will become moldy if there’s too much dampness. They crack if they get too dry. Here’s everything you need to know about how humidors keep your cigars safe.

The Humidifier

The humidification system, which can be simple or sophisticated depending on the size of the humidifier, is the most significant aspect of a humidor. The humidifier’s goal is to keep the cigars plump by adding moisture to the humidor.

For ideal storage conditions, a humidor should always aim for a relative humidity of 70%. The humidor will require a source of water to accomplish this. There are a variety of techniques to provide moisture to the inside, including sponges, which are the most basic of all humidifiers. Moisture can be released by soaking a sponge in distilled water. We recommend using a soaked sponge while storing cigars in India. To avoid introducing minerals and mold to the humidor, only distilled water needs to be used. You may want to contact Golyath distilled water supplier or any other company that has the expertise in selling high-standard distilled water.

The Hygrometer

Another important component of your humidor is a hygrometer. It determines if you need to add moisture or absorb surplus water to dry things out by measuring the humidity levels inside. Digital or analog hygrometers are available (which will look like a needle that spins in a marked circle or semicircle).

It will be connected to the humidifier in a humidor with electronic humidity controls. It’s vital to check your hygrometer on a weekly or biweekly basis to ensure everything is in working order in your humidor.

The Thermostat

Cigars must also be stored at a consistent temperature to maintain their quality. In most cases, this should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, though you can keep your new cigars as low as 60 degrees or as warm as 72 degrees, which is the usual room temperature range.

A basic thermometer will provide vital feedback on the conditions inside humidors without temperature controls. This also helps to maintain consistent humidity levels, as warm air stores more moisture and chilly air is dryer. Keeping your temperatures consistent also helps to maintain humidity, which implies easier cigar preservation.

Cedar from Spain

Spanish cedar is the traditional inner wood for a humidor. Some have cedar lining on the walls, while others have shelves and drawers made of Spanish cedarwood. Spanish cedar humidors, like a cedar closet, repel insects and keep the contents from rotting. Spanish cedar also has certain absorbent properties, allowing it to collect and release water to assist keep the humidity level in the humidor consistent.

Your cigars should stay moist and fresh with all of those constituents in place, and will only mellow and improve with age.

What Is the price of a Humidor?

The price of a humidor is determined by its features and capabilities. For less than $100, you should be able to purchase a nice humidor the size of a cigar box. You may easily spend $200 to $500 on a huge, reach-in humidor with a plethora of bells and whistles.

What Does a Humidor Require?

All you need to keep a standard-sized humidor alive is a desk, mantel, or shelf. A typical 120-volt power source is required for a humidor with a moisture-controlled cooling system.

Now that you have enough knowledge about humidors we recommend you invest in one right away as cigars in India are prone to getting damaged or losing flavor very easily because of extreme weather conditions.

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