Top 10 gift ideas for a new mom

Has one of your closest friends recently given birth, but you’re conflicted about the best gift to get her? Well, that shouldn’t worry you because we’re here to help. If it’s a boy, you could start with the best baby boy clothes. But hey, what if it’s a girl? Here are the top 10 gift ideas for a new mom.

1. Baby boy clothes

Every baby boy needs clothes that will keep him warm and comfortable. Therefore, you can venture into the market and look for suitable clothes to fit the baby boy. You might want to settle for clothes whose color is favorable for boys and present the gift to the mom.

2. Stroller

Everybody knows that a newborn baby cannot walk. So, the mother has to carry the baby from place to place, which might be tiring. But what if you get her a stroller? Wouldn’t it make it easier for her to move with her baby from place to place? That makes a stroller an ideal gift.

3. Sleep deprivation pillow

Usually, new moms are sleep deprived because of the unpredictable baby’s sleeping schedule. Therefore, if you get a new mom a comfortable pillow, she will forever be grateful. Why? It will let her drift into a relaxed sleep.

4. Baby carrier

A baby carrier is a suitable gift. It ensures that the new mom is close to her baby at all times, regardless of the errand she’s running. And that is what most want. Besides, baby carriers are designed to deliver comfort, and they also conform to the baby.

5. Baby monitor

A lot of new moms are often paranoid about their babies. However, you can help reduce this worry by gifting her a baby monitor. The baby monitor allows the mother to check on the baby, including when he is sleeping in a separate room.

6. Pampering products

New moms tend to be too engaged with taking care of the baby; they forget about themselves. But you can resolve this by getting her excellent pampering products. She can use them during her free time. And you could even go a step further and hold the baby for her when she uses them.

7. Diaper bag

A diaper bag is also a great present for new moms. How so? Newborn babies require regular changing. So, if the mom goes somewhere with the baby, she can use the bag to carry the baby’s gear. She could even put some of her stuff in there.

8. Skin-Care oil

Get a new mom skin-care oil, and she’ll appreciate you forever. She can use it to moisturize her skin, reduce stretch marks, and smooth uneven skin tones.

9. A baby manual

A baby manual complains plenty of helpful information to help new moms. In a crisis, the mum can dip into the manual to figure out what to do. Resources to find a trusted au pair or nanny can also be included in the manual, which can help new moms balance all the house work and baby chores!

10. Nipple cream

Nipple cream is like a gold mine to new moms. The cream helps to soothe sore nipples because of breastfeeding, especially in the early days.

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