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The talk of interior living space design becomes most pronounced in one’s head when you’re in that period of your life that has you actually designing your own living environment, does it not? It’s a different story when interior design forms part of your profession, but it’s a lot like when you buy a certain car and you realise just how many other people actually drive the same car.

The same goes for outfits; perhaps even more so, more for us ladies than the lads, because piecing an outfit together always takes inputting a bit of your own unique style influences. It’s very rare that you’d bump into someone who is obviously within your circles, who would put together the same garments you would, in the exact same style, to make up the exact same outfit!

So, getting back to interior living space design inspirations, as much as I or anyone else could claim to have a unique and totally original style, the truth is even the most unique-looking of design styles is a confluence of influences. For example, if you look at interior design projects by Helen Coulston and similar designers, then you would see them influencing each other.

As an example, rustic-looking designs often feature different patterns and textures, such as exposed wood grain, woven fabrics, distressed leather, and natural stone or brick. Popular elements for rustic design include barn doors (with quality barn door hardware), vintage furniture, wrought iron, and brown light fixtures. Contemporary designs are another example of interior design. Contemporary designs often feature sleek and minimalistic furniture pieces, such as sofas and coffee tables with clean lines, as well as vibrant colors and textures.

In this way, they’ll see patterns that are both natural and subtle. Any interior design firm worth its salt would tell you that visual overload is outdated, and minimalism is the way to go these days. Most of the patterns will be geometric in nature and they will include things such as marble or a lot of different metals.

You also see the use of lots of different materials such as wood and leather, and lots of different materials such as bare metal/iron and glass.

Personally, I love the marriage of interior design styles, bringing together contemporary styling with retro/classic looks and I’m all too happy to see my personal preferences mirroring those of the set designers of popular television shows like Downtown Abbey.

I guess Downtown Abbey is so popular, in part, due to how the setting and interior design of the domestic spaces are relatable to the real world. So the question is who draws inspiration from whom?

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