The Curvy Girls Guide to Sprucing Up Your Work Outfit

Studies show that about 10% of women in the workplace experience weight discrimination. Workplace weight bias is a major issue worldwide, especially against plus-size women. This type of discrimination can escalate over time, resulting in action needing to be taken by the women who are worried that it is affecting their job and career. Utilizing an employment discrimination lawyer can help them get the justice they deserve, but despite this support, it is still incredibly hard to deal with as a woman.

Plus size has nothing to do with a woman’s level of professionalism. Every woman deserves to be recognized for personal and work achievements, irrespective of their size or shape.

Weight bias has also spilled over into the fashion industry, making it difficult for curvy girls to find appropriate outfits for work. However, more and more designers and fashion houses are increasingly working on meeting the unique needs of a curvy woman to look good and feel great.

Your productivity in the workplace improves when you dress in an outfit that makes you feel confident. Curvy women require fitting clothing they can wear with confidence to the office.

We’ve put this guide together to help you spruce up your work outfit and showcase your unique sense of style and personality. Here’re a few tips to help you get that dull and boring look out of your work outfit:

1)  Make a fashion statement with a beautiful dress

Dresses look stunning and not much thought goes into donning your favorite look. Make style statements with prints for a vibrant look.

Give your work outfit a classic look with polka dots and leopard prints. Flatter your curves with larger prints and patterns.

If you want your outfit to give an illusion of a slimmer fit and height, don vertical prints to the office. Diagonal prints highlight the waist for a slimmer look. Small, mild-colored and color-blocking patterns are also great for plus size fashion work wear.

Some fun dresses to consider include:

  • ●        Made with perfect hemlines (neither too long nor short), midi dresses are perfect for the office. Wear yours with a cardigan, blazer or sweater for a more formal look.
  • Show off your curves in plus size wrap dresses for enhanced confidence. Opt for neutrals instead of bolds patterns for a professional look.
  • Pair your favorite maxi dress with a duster cardigan or a fitting blazer for a more appropriate office outfit. This is a perfect summer office wear.
  • Wear a skater dress to highlight your A-line silhouette for a minimalist look. Pair printed or plain skater dresses with the right shoes to complete your office outfit.
  • If you prefer unique dresses with an eco-friendly impact, opt for vintage dresses or accessories. They won’t just flatter your curves, but also add a wow factor to your work wear.

2)  Opt for V-neck tops for a slimmer silhouette

Vs and deep necks can make your neck look longer, giving you a slimmer look. Even if you prefer custom-made tops, get them tailored with v-necklines.

Whether you prefer simple tops with accessory accents or love to don trendy or bold patterns, it has a lot to say about your style.

Try out the following for an office look:

  • Flaunt your curves in a plus size tie-waste blouse to make a stylish statement.
  • Pair your favorite leggings with plus size tunics to cover areas of your body that you’d rather not expose. Tunics give the fit of a dress and offer the additional confidence layer you need in the workplace.
  • Layer shrugs and colored tapes to hide your flabs. Alternatively, wear fringed or printed tops for a bohemian look if that aligns with your style.
  • Why not pair a pastel summer shirt (a size larger than your exact size) with your favorite cotton jeggings? It’ll give you a chic look.

3)  Wear your favorite jumpsuit

Wear your all-in-one garment, plus size jumpsuits, for a unique look. Pair it with a fitting cardigan or blazer for a more professional look.

4)  Accessorize your outfit

Pair your outfit with a cozy plus size cardigan if you work in a casual work setting. When thoughtfully-layered, you’re in for a sophisticated yet comfortable vibe.

A bold printed cardigan goes well with neutral work outfits with little to no patterns. On the other hand, a neutral cardigan is perfect for toning down your bold outfit.

Other fun accessories include:

  • Wear simple jewelry to make a unique statement.
  • Accentuate your curves and define your waist with broad and wide waist belts. You won’t just look slimmer, but also give your outfit an attractive complementary look. Make sure your belt fits without overly tightening it to avoid fat bulges.
  • Handbags, shoes, lips, watches, nails, and a beautiful smile are other fun statement pieces you can add to your work outfit. They give your outfit some flair and personality for a glam yet chic look.

5)  Wear your favorite fitted jeans, pants or leggings for more confidence

A plus size denim is perfect for casual Fridays or workplaces that allow casual dress codes. Pair it with a loose top or a fitted blazer for a professional look. But, never wear destructed denim to the office.

Pair your favorite leggings with blazers or blouses appropriate for work. This trend is increasingly becoming popular in the workplace.

Wear fitted, above-the-knee pencil skirts to flatter your curves. Pair it with your favorite blouse for a simple and professional yet sexy look. Size up to mar underwear lines.

You can also wear stylish patterned stockings if your skirt is overly short and flirty. It’s also handy if you need to minimize chafing that comes with wearing skirts. Anti-cellulite stockings will do if you’re insecure about your cellulite.

Accentuate your curves with color blocking. Pair a white bodysuit with a high rise cut, and pair it with high-waisted black jeans to flaunt your feminine curves. Layer a blazer over the bodysuit for a professional appearance.


Curvy girls must dress right for your body type, shape and size. The right fit in your chosen attire accentuates your frame and hides your problem areas. The right style can improve your appearance.

The right fit makes you look slimmer. Choose work outfits made from comfortable fabrics. With the tips covered in this article, you can dress your curvy body appropriately for work.

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