What do Normatec boots do?

Many have had to resort to home workouts in the meantime and continue to do so during the COVID pandemic, but the question that still remains is there less emphasis on the recovery after exercise anyway? Recovery is the most important part of physical exercise, as your muscles don’t actually grow whilst you’re working out, only whilst you are resting in between sessions. If the recovery process can be more active and the body helped to get back to its pre workout state, this means less time needed in between workout sessions for rest.

Normatec boots are leg recovery systems for athletes all across the sporting world through leg compression, aid recovery, pre and post training or workout. This is their main purpose, but still begs the question: how do they work? What features do they include and how much are they? This blog explores all your unanswered questions so keep on reading to find out more!

  • Patented Technology behind Normatec Boots

Normatec boots have patented technology that increases blood circulation and reduces pain and soreness. Thus, helping with recovery especially post-workout. Proven solutions for helping recover increased circulation gets more oxygen into the blood which it needs to recover. 

Normatec boots are connected to a bluetooth app which lets you customise your recovery. The product from Normatec allows you to choose how long and what level of compression is best suited for you. The recovery system helps give you fresh legs faster depending on the intensity of your workout and the time you need to rest after exercise.

Normatec boots are in 2 forms currently, the pulse PRO 2.0 which has highly customisable programming and a sophisticated touchscreen display. Boasted as the most advanced athlete recovery system with cutting edge connectivity and powerful results. Currently retailing at £899 (Pulse 2.0) and £1,199 (Pulse PRO 2.0), these boots from Normatec are proven to aid in recovery post workout.

  • Collaborations

Normatec boots have collaborated with athletes from a number of different sports, as the recovery system is designed to be customisable for the individual depending on what muscle groups they have worked that day or need to recover to continue on their recovery. From footballers such as Neymar and Gareth Bale, who both work major muscle groups not only through kicking the football but short sprints during different time periods, compared to Anthony Joshua who whilst mainly using his hands in boxing, there’s still a focus on the leg muscles specifically the quads and hips as he rotates through his training or fights. Trusted by the majority of Professional teams, who have worked in the industry throughout their careers and back the trusted science behind the Normatec boots to aid recovery of some of the top athletes in the world.

I think the main benefit is the fact your recovery can be customisable, and whilst targeted at athletes at all levels and not just the top, it can allow you to get back to feeling your best as soon as possible!

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