What to Look for When Looking at Women’s Booty Shorts for the Gym

Just because there are no shorts with plunging side slits doesn’t mean there aren’t shorts that will make you look fabulous in the gym, and a pair of women’s booty shorts designed specifically for this can look ultra-cool. Many women will feel free to wear these shorts for high-intensity training as they’re extremely functional and allow a full range of movement for the glutes.

What to Look For in Women’s Booty Shorts for the Gym

Appearance: Always look for women’s booty shorts designed for sports as they tend to be smaller, fuller and therefore a better fit than most other women’s clothing. When you have size small booty shorts or a size 1/2 booty shorts, the fit isn’t quite as form-fitting as most women’s swimsuit bottoms.

Comfort: Women’s booty shorts tend to be thicker and larger in the waist area than most other women’s shorts. These shorts are not quite form-fitting enough to give you that youthful look you need to fit into yoga pants on the days you train. You may find that you want to get a little more gel-filled material to achieve the fit you want without wearing men’s shorts.

Versatility: Women’s booty shorts are also much more versatile than men’s shorts. You can wear them for workouts, a quick run to the store or even around the house. They’re certainly not as easy to put on and take off as men’s shorts so you’ll want to wear them for a while to make sure they fit comfortably.

Versatility: Once you find a pair of women’s booty shorts you like, you’ll want to keep them in your gym bag for convenience in the gym or while running errands. You’ll want to choose a style that is light enough so you don’t get sweaty on your workout and heavy enough to put on and take off easily while in the gym or running errands. You’ll want the thickest of the two layers to be around the mid-thigh area. You want to choose a style that looks the best on you rather than anything super-skinny.

How Many Women’s Booty Shorts You Need in the Gym

Generally speaking, you’ll need a pair of women’s booty shorts for each leg. If you want to train with a sport that requires you to get back in the gym regularly, you’ll want a variety of booty shorts for your entire legs. Otherwise you’ll find yourself wearing the same pair for a couple of workouts and getting uncomfortable so that you find another pair to workout in.

The sizes listed below have been designed for a 2-inch to a 5-inch difference between the waist and leg size. For example, if you have a 4-inch waist and a leg size of 5 inches, the size will be smaller than that for your waist, and bigger for your leg. Because booty shorts are meant to fit your booty, you’ll want to choose a size smaller than you need for the waist portion. So, for example, if you have a waist size of 1 inch, you’ll want to select a 2-inch booty short that fits your leg size.

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