Two Treatments to Help You with Your Double Chin

Double chins are not a big deal, to many people at least. It is one of the most common areas on the body for fat to build up in and it is very normal to have a small bit of extra skin under the chin. No one is going to judge you for it and no one is going to mind it when looking or speaking with you. In fact, the only people who seem to be distracted by double chins are those who have them.

This is also very much natural, since as small as double chins may be, they are not always a pleasant sight in the mirror, in photos, or selfies. We all have a self-image that we like to uphold any way we can and one step towards this is double chin fat dissolving two of the most popular fat reduction treatments in modern cosmetic centers.

For NYC residents, MiracleFace MedSpa has been providing fat reduction solutions for some time now and there are two very popular treatments which they have informed us are the best when it comes to removing double chin. They like to spread the word on these two treatments and so do we, which is why we want people to learn as much about Coolsculpting and Kybella.


While a relatively new name in the cosmetic repertoire, Coolsculpting has made quite a name for itself in recent years. It has become a fat reduction treatment of choice for countless patients across the country and has stunned people with the amazing results that it can produce. And as impressive as the fat reduction of this treatment may be, what really makes Coolsculpting an easy choice for people is the procedure itself.

Most fat reduction, as well as cosmetic treatments as a whole, rely on some form of damage to produce results. This damage is nothing dangerous and is very carefully controlled by the practitioner in order to produce results without causing long-lasting adverse effects on the patient. This damage comes in the form of cuts, incisions, or injections, all of which are safe, but regardless, to damage the body in some way.

Coolsculpting does not have this problem. As with Bodysculpting, this treatment is also entirely non-invasive, as there are no cuts, incisions, or injections made into the skin for the procedure to work. The main difference between Coolsculpting and Body Sculpting is how the fat cells are destroyed. The technology used for Body sculpting does not rely on cold temperatures; instead, it uses advanced lasers. It works almost in the opposite way as CoolSculpting. As opposed to being frozen to death, fat cells are heated to death. Everything is done on the outside of the skin and the only contact your body comes with the cosmetic tools are the Coolsculpting applicators. These are special metal pads that are placed on a designated area of the body and begin to get cold.

When the fat cells in that area are exposed to the cold temperatures (which are around 11 degrees Fahrenheit, cold but nothing unbearable), they go into a process called “apoptosis”. This is a sequence that is encoded into every living cell and it is a program that causes the cells to self-destruct in case they have been damaged beyond repair. To avoid damaging the other cells, the body flushes out these damaged cells through apoptosis and absorbs them. The key here is to stimulate the cells into entering apoptosis. It can be done in different ways, but one of the easiest and safest ways is by freezing them.

The fat freezing technology in the Coolsculpting equipment produces temperatures that are cold enough to send the fat cells into apoptosis, but cold enough to the point that it harms the rest of the body. After being exposed to cold temperatures for around 40 to 50 minutes, the fat cells enter apoptosis and will take several months to get absorbed by the body. With each dying fat cell, that area of the body becomes leaner and sculpts itself.


On the other side of the temperature spectrum, there is Kybella which burns the fat as opposed to freezing it. While this is a slightly more painful and complicated way of getting rid of excess fat, it is still very effective in its own right. What makes Kybella so special is that it is one of the few cosmetic treatments out there that is specifically approved to treat the double chin.

The compound that is injected is a synthetic version of stomach acid called “deoxycholic acid”, which is naturally produced by your body to break down the fat that you consume. While the compound that is injected is synthetic, it is very similar to the one found in your body, which means your stomach is going to have an easier time recognizing and accepting it, leaving out the harsh side effects that come with other compounds.

Once injected, the Kybella compound begins to slowly burn through the fat and reduce the fat that is stored in that area. With each fat cell that is burned away the double chin gets smaller and smaller until one day you look in the mirror and don’t see it there anymore.

What you will see is a smooth profile and jawline that accentuates your face and keeps the chin count to one. While it may be a relatively smaller change when compared to the more extensive body sculpting treatments, the change makes a huge difference in how you feel when looking in the mirror or when taking photos. Alternatively, you could opt for minimally-invasive procedures that can transfer the fat from your chin to other parts of your face. This can provide double benefits as it can not only improve your jawline, but potentially other parts of your face as well. Reach out to the Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute, whose medical experts can carry out this procedure for you. Without a double chin, you are more confident in how you look and are comfortable in your own skin.

Kybella is very effective and can produce amazing results in only a span of two months. Many patients trust this treatment and many practitioners recommend trying the treatment if a double chin is getting in the way of your perfect self-image. At the end of the day, it’s not about how much fat you have in your body, but rather how much it bothers you. Give it a try if you’ve felt like your double chin, no matter how small, is holding you back in any way.

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