How to incorporate luxury as part of your business differentiator

For a small business to survive and make leaps in the 21st-century business environment, a business owner must think smarter and rely on certain things that make their business stand out from every other competitor. A business must implement certain differentiators that make them unique.

One of such business differentiators is luxury. Offer your clients luxury, and they will flock to you. Your high-end offering will make your brand stand out from competitors. You might need to undergo a larger renovation to upscale your business and become a lifestyle brand.

To achieve this and afford your business growth, Camino Financial offers small business financing for promising and developing companies.

Offer premium service

The hallmark of exotic luxury is premium, high-end products, and exceptional customer service. Think long and hard and check your product and service lines. Examine them critically and look for what you can do to make them more valuable.

You don’t have to increase your pricing at once to offer this exclusive service. You could start with a gradual increase, or you could offer a tiered service or packages whereby your old product lines still exist, but customers pay more to benefit from your luxury services. This way, you get to retain old customers while attracting new ones.

Starting a new product line or service line might require you to buy new equipment, expand your space, and spend on several other expenses.

Treat your customers like royalty.

There is a saying that goes, “customer is king.” Have you noticed that part of the allure of five-star restaurants and other high-end luxury establishments is the unique customer service? You are treated like royalty. You enjoy the service so much that you don’t mind parting away with a lot of money just to be treated like that.

Apply this same principle to your business. Take your time and have a plan. Ask yourself what you can do to make your customers feel like kings and queens. As an example, if you run a cab-rental business, you can offer premium features to your customers. In the cab, you can install small tablets behind every seat, and connect them to a streaming service (you may want to get redirected here if you wish to learn more) that provides access to more than 60 entertainment channels. If you offer this service to your cab business, you could differentiate yourself from your competitors in the area.

Integrate the latest, seamless technology into your business

The fastest-growing luxurious companies are those that can integrate the latest technology into whatever business they are offering. An interactive website, chatbots, mobile apps, and other technologies will give your business a luxurious feel.

There are several IT guys on the internet that you can hire to spin your business around using technology. They will also help you with maintaining the geeky stuff while you run the other things in the business. Hiring these guys and maintaining servers and other things might cost you money. But with small business financing, you can easily keep your business updated with the latest tech that will give your business the much-needed luxurious feel and outlook it needs.

Have a niche

A lot of premium brands focus on a specific niche and excel at it. Can you pick just one thing and make it as exclusive and luxurious as possible? Create a niche market that will be valued by people who will pay well for it. Target this market and tailor your advertisements towards them. Before you begin investing in the product, however, test it in the market. Try using tools like Conjointly’s Product Concept Test in order to reach out to your target audience to get feedback on your idea, pricing, and product. This will help you determine if people are actually interested in what you are offering and if your product is worth the price. For example, Bang & Olufsen does not compete with other general electronic brands in the market. They have built their brand to focus only on the exclusive luxury electronics that only wealthy and upper-middle-class customers can afford to buy.

Create a perception of luxury

Sometimes, luxury products and services may not be exactly different from other ones, but they often have a higher perceived value than competing offerings. They are often sold at exclusive prices, with unique packaging from somewhere like Impacked Packaging, and at premium locations with limited supply to create that illusion of luxury.


Follow the guidelines above, and you will make luxury a unique selling point that makes your business stand out from your competitors. As explained, you can obtain small business financing to upscale your company and incorporate luxury as a differential.

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