Why you need Train Like Fight Grips for your workouts

There are tons of workouts you can do and tons of ways you can improve your strength and fitness. Weight lifting gloves are one of the easiest ways to get started in the gym. And once you get some experience lifting weights you’ll find weight lifting gloves much more comfortable and useful than other equipment.

Weight lifting gloves are also super-efficient: rather than using weight pads or large weights, you’re using very small weights. Just look at the number of shots in a softball game. That means you’ll spend much less time training and building strength.

Train Like Fight grips advantages 

First, since you’re lifting small weights (rather than big weights), it’s easier to focus on your form.

Second, lifting small weights will build much more muscle than lifting big weights, which leads to more muscle on your body.

Plus, for some people, lifting weights with weight lifting gloves makes the difference between getting a good workout and getting a bad one.

Weight lifting gloves are great for beginners too.

If you’re brand new to weight lifting you’ll need weight lifting gloves even if you’ve been lifting weights for a few years.

Start out slow. Aim to lift with small weights only, until you get the hang of it. Most people do best to start with lifting about 10-20 pounds (for beginners) rather than loading up on weights right away.

Start lifting weights with these beginner workouts

This set of 3 workouts, made for beginners, builds your upper body strength, core strength and even aerobic capacity. If you find lifting weights difficult or scary try starting with these workouts.

And if you don’t like weight lifting gloves, these 3 total body exercises are great alternatives

A beginner’s guide to weight lifting gloves

If weight lifting gloves don’t work for you, you’ll probably need to use other equipment to get your weight training goals. Weight lifting gloves are useful for weight lifting beginners.

If you’re brand new to weight lifting gloves and are getting a better understanding of the equipment they are suitable.

If you’re already an experienced weight lifting expert you might want to consider buying Train Like Fight Grips, which are indeed also great for beginners, as demonstrated. Experienced weight lifters will know exactly what they’re looking for at this stage, with Train Like Fight boasting some great options.

Weight lifting gloves for men

If you have a large man’s body you’ll want a weight lifting glove that fits your body type.

Look for a weight lifting glove that fits your hands. That way you won’t have to wear two different gloves with different grips, or worse, to take them off to stretch your fingers.

Look for a weight lifting glove that fits your upper arms and upper body, so you’ll not have to wear two different gloves on one upper body muscle group, or an elbow glove on one arm.

Wear weight lifting gloves at your workout but wear another glove for your workout. Make sure the workout glove doesn’t have anything in the interior besides breathable fabric to keep it dry.

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