What the functional benefits of laminated paper bags

Paper bags are a great product as not only are they good for the planet, they also give your customers an item they can reuse again and again in the future. Picking the right type of paper bag for your store can be a challenge, particularly if you are unsure of the purpose or style of the bag you want. Here we break down some of the benefits you could experience by introducing laminated paper bags into your stores, and areas where these types of bag may not be suitable.

  • Laminated paper bags offer a transparent coating for your bag designs

The first notable benefit of laminated paper bags is the added strength you get without compromising on the design. As long as you go with a transparent laminate, you will have a visible design. If desired, this can also add a glossy finish that will complement the design and add the perfect finishing touch.

  • Laminated paper bags offer greater stiffness than non-laminated ones

If you want to provide a paper bag that does not contort with the shape of the purchase it’s carrying, laminated paper bags are a great option.

 They provide stronger sides that support the base and create a bag with greater stiffness than standard paper bags. This is good as it can add a more quality feel if you are aiming at the premium market who are used to robust bags.

  • Laminated paper bags are easier to sterilise than their counterparts

Cleanliness is as essential as it has been in the past, and laminated paper bags are a great way to promote good hygiene. The easy to wipe surfaces make the bag easy to clean and m\maintain which is good if you are creating a product that you want customers to reuse. Another benefit of this is that any branding present on the bag will be kept clear and visible to customers.

Is there any reason to not go for a laminated paper bag?

Whilst there are some great benefits of laminated paper bags, you should consider some of the drawbacks. The stiffness may be an issue if you are supplying products that will not fit easily in the bag, a very annoying situation for customers. Additionally, laminated paper bags are usually more expensive than other types, so you are more limited in terms of the resources available to design the perfect bag.

Where can I find good quality laminated paper bags?

Whether you decide to go for a laminated paper bag or a different product type, you should make sure you consult with the manufacturer to make sure they will be able to provide you with a satisfactory product for you and your customers.

A good supplier is even more critical if you are going for non-laminated paper bags as there is a higher chance for manufacturing flaws and poor-quality products. However, so long as you perform your due diligence, this should not be a problem.

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