The Skills Needed for Construction

When it comes to real estate, the construction industry has an important part to play. Workers are needed with specific skills to complete the whole property to a certain standard that is pleasing and safe to live in. Many building standards and regulations will need to be adhered to and quality workmanship is everything in the industry. It is a team effort contributed to by experienced workers and apprentices.

John Doulgeridis, Managing Director of Carlisle Homes is leading the way when it comes to real estate and the right workers building the properties that become sought after to buy.

This article will consider just what skills are required to build a property to a high enough standard so that it is desired by the discerning house buyer.


It is vital to hire the right apprentices as workers. The experienced workers will have the technical skills and the apprentices can assist with much of the work while learning the technical skills. An apprentice needs to have the right work ethic when it comes to wanting to produce something of a high standard as well as seeing the opportunity as a learning experience. Once something has been completed to a high standard there will be that desire to repeat it. The existing worker must also play their part in providing a good example when it comes to quality of workmanship and working efficiently so that a good example is set.

Communication and Teamwork

Workers must communicate effectively with one another on a construction site because the timing of jobs within a project is essential to ensure that one worker is not in effect keeping the others waiting.

Coordination is everything so that no part of a project is delayed. Hand signals can be worked out where distances between workers are too great. Where walkie-talkies were once used, we now have the technology of mobile phones. Drones can be deployed where old properties might potentially be unsafe to send workers into.

Head for Heights

A roofer and a scaffolder are the two construction professions that spring to mind. It is not everyone who can deal with heights above the first floor. It is unlikely that anyone who feels nervous crossing a high bridge will enter this area of the profession, but it cannot be discounted, and hypnosis may provide the answer to dealing with this phobia.

A certain amount of thought concerning safety is essential in any occupation where the Health and Safety Executive is not far behind. However, there is a world of difference between a piece of bulging carpet creating a trip hazard and how serious it could be if someone fell off a roof because adequate safety had not been put in place. This is where professional firms are good to work for. They know all of this, and care about it with a reputation to protect, and will use scaffolding with boards to stand on at every level to maintain safety during a job. Nobody wants their modern house to start with the ghosts of former workers.


When things must fit together with a new building, and more so with a renovation when it can be essential to marry together seamlessly the old with the new, problem-solving skills will come into play.

Workers, however much they have trained in a skill such as carpentry, will often have to think outside the bubble and consider how to work around an existing problem or one the architect has not considered in their design plans. Having someone adept at this can save much time, delay, and expense. Workers idling around will not be something a construction boss wants to see, and all because someone is still deciding how to work around a problem that has occurred unexpectedly. Every project has a budget and the number of hours considered long enough to complete it will have already been factored into the final cost. Any delay that is avoided can only result in better profit margins and healthier returns on investments.

Practical Skills

As mentioned, a housing project will require roofers and carpenters. Also, it will require electricians and those who know about gas installation. It is important to hire those who have been registered within their profession so that work can be completed to a high standard and signed off promptly. Those who are planning to get their house constructed from scratch can look for expert home builders with all such specialties and a professional license. Moreover, hiring a construction company can also save you a lot of over-the-top expenses, which you might have to spend on hiring separate services like plumber, electrical, roofing, etc. It can also delay the next part of the project if someone else has to come along to inspect and approve a job before work can continue.

Every practical skill contributes to the final project being completed. From those who lay the foundations to the bricklayers and roofers who deal with structural things, to those who ensure plug sockets and gas boilers are up to a safe standard. Practical skills are individual yet contribute to the team as a whole.

In summary, we cannot underestimate all that goes into making real estate an investment that is pleasing and safe for buyers to live in. Quality workmanship will ensure an investment stands the test of time.

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