Spring Refresh – Bathroom Update Ideas

The season of spring is full of the promise of fresh new life and is the perfect time to give your home the TLC it deserves. But knowing where to start with updating your interiors can be tricky, especially in your bathroom. This is an often-ignored spot for a spring refresh, but there are ways you can liven up your bathroom without breaking the bank or undertaking the huge project of a full refurbishment. Here are a few ideas for updating your bathroom this springtime.

Replace the shower

If your shower is a few years old, it might be time to look into replacing it. With new technology, traditional showers are quickly becoming outdated in favour of digital and electric options. You can easily replace the shower in your bathroom with minimal fuss, and with smart technology and a sleek aesthetic it’s a simple way to add value to your property. Voice activated or app-controlled showers can elevate the feel of any bathroom for a more modern and luxurious experience.

Change up the décor

If you’re getting tired of your bathroom’s style, you don’t have to replace the whole thing to give it a brand-new feel. Consider changing up the accessories with new soap dispensers and toothbrush holders or adding some colour and pattern with new towel sets or rugs. Installing shelves above the shower can add personality and introducing houseplants can bring new life to a dull space. Candles can create a lovely atmosphere for a relaxing bath, as well as adding a pop of colour and scent.

Add character with window dressings

The bathroom is the last place you’d think to put curtains, but there are plenty of other options for sprucing up your bathroom windows. Blinds or shutters can add tons of character to an otherwise unnoteworthy space, as well as adding an improved sense of privacy and allowing different lighting levels for cosy showers and baths.


It’s worth also thinking about the light fittings in your bathroom. Nothing sets off a spa retreat atmosphere like subtle lighting in a warm hue – consider recessed lighting in walls or LED strips around the shower to achieve a clean, modern look. Think about your light bulbs – the key is finding a balance between warm and bright light in your bulbs. Replacing light fittings with designer bathroom accessories could also be a perfect way to inject personality into your space and add to the overall style of the room.


Finally, nothing says spring like fresh blooms, and there’s nothing to stop you including them in your bathroom. Display a spring bouquet to a vase on a window ledge to brighten the space up for your guests or opt for some high-quality faux flowers for year-round colour. 

Whatever the size or style of your bathroom, it’s worth considering how you can give it a facelift this spring. The bathroom will be seen by most guests who visit your house, so it’s worth going the extra mile to make it feel stylish and welcoming. 

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