Are you sure you’re aware of all the steps to take while moving your health laboratory?

Are you thinking of relocating your lab? Well, if answered yes, there are lots of moving parts as long as completing a lab relocation is concerned. There are numerous tasks that you have to complete like packing chemicals with RFID labels on, disinfecting your lab properly, and moving everything to the newly relocated location. All these have to be done while keeping in mind every single regulation linked with the move and ensuring that you’re in perfect compliance with all the rules.

While there are several local movers that can help you, yet there are several other essentials that you have to keep in mind. There are bonds that you have to sign and various important things like gauges, syringes etc that you have to carry with yourself to the new place. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind.

You have to comply with all regulations

One of the most vital things to understand before doing a lab relocation is paying heed to regulatory compliance. Unlike moving other projects, relocating a lab will demand deeper knowledge of not just facility regulations but transport regulations too. Things need to abide by the OSHA, EPA, IATA, DOT and any other facility or other bodies.

You have to manage your finances tightly

When you plan for complying with all regulations, you also have to plan for achieving financial success. In between the hours that you put in for delegating and planning, you also need to hire experts who are adept for the job. You need to know that lab relocations can be costly depending on the distance covered, the size and the number of companies that choose to outsource work. You can therefore develop a budget and build a plan that includes the scope of the work and the deadline for completing.

You need to dispose-off all waste

Effective disposal of all chemical wastes is one of the biggest steps towards relocating a lab. All chemicals need to be disposed off and analyzed when you don’t plan to take them to the new facility. It is a wise idea to dispose off waste materials that you don’t need so that you can reduce liability risks of transportation costs. Make sure you have informed team members who are aware of disposal of hazardous waste.

You have to decontaminate the lab

Once your lab is moved, you still have lots of work to be done in the facility. It is always a standard and basic practice to decontaminate the facility so that there are no risks of hazardous or dangerous contamination that may affect the lives of surrounding people. Try to have the best team members who have experience in decontaminating your lab.

Since we’re living in the era of COVID-19 pandemic, we have to be double careful with disinfecting things. Hence, if you’re someone who is trying to move your health and medical laboratory, you should keep all the above listed points in mind.

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