3 benefits of staying in serviced student accommodation

If you are looking forward to going to university at the end of 2021 then you are not alone! The pandemic has left many feeling the need to get out and experience life more independently. If you want to find a good bridge between the independence of moving out and the creature comforts of home, then serviced student accommodation could be a good way to go! Serviced accommodation is becoming more popular at universities especially with many foreign exchange schemes now running!

This week we take a look at 3 of the key benefits to consider when working out whether to go for serviced or un-serviced student accommodation.

You spend less time cooking

The first great benefit of serviced accommodation at university is you spend a lot less time cooking! Whilst this hinders the development of a valuable life skill, it can save you a lot of time giving you more scope to relax in your new accommodation!

You spend less time cleaning

If you are someone who hates doing the chores then serviced student accommodation could be right up your street! Many providers will not only take care of the food but also the cleaning of the apartments. It’s important to maintain a tidy, hygienic living space to ensure good health, but many students are known for being messy. Some students leave the carpets unhoovered for months, which not only looks disgusting, but also leads to smells, pests and damage. Pro Dry carpet cleaning and similar companies will come and clean your carpets for you as part of your serviced accommodation agreement, cleaning your carpets and leaving them fresh and hygienic. This is good if you tend to do a botch job when cleaning it home and it saves you a lot of time that you can use more productively, leading us nicely onto number 3.

You have more time to focus on your studies!

Having more time to focus on your studies is great as whilst first year often does not count towards your final grade it is where you build the skills needed to perform well throughout the rest of your academic career. Just make sure that you use the time valuably whilst also leaving some room for a little rest and relaxation too; Too much work can leave you stressed and feeling burnt out, which will not be good for your mental health or your university grades.

Find serviced accommodation near you

Getting the right serviced accommodation is essential and as a student, it is a very big decision to make if you are moving out for the first time! Make sure you find the right serviced student accommodation near you. Get serviced accommodation that strikes a good balance between distance to the campus and the services that it offers. This will give you the best possible chance of landing accommodation that you truly love.

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