Popular interior design trends, according to top agents

Nothing says home more like a well decorated space. Where we spend most of our time should reflect our taste! Interior design, like fashion, changes as the years go on. Additionally, as certain trends go in and out of style, old ones tend to make comebacks in nuanced ways. Lately, we’ve been seeing new renditions of styles throughout the decades, and we’re excited to witness them being implemented into homes across the country. Whether your style is more earthy and retro or chic and modern, we’re sure that some of these throwback inspired interior design trends for 2021 will fit your taste. Here’s what we’ve been seeing in the design world.

Classy, Mid-Century Modern

Clean lines, stainless steel, and wooden accents define the mid-century modern looks we’ve been seeing in homes lately. Additionally, plenty of furniture and home decor companies, including Target, have hopped on the modern bandwagon. By incorporating modern-style furniture and decorations with clean neutral colors, natural accents-like wood or glass-and sharp lines, almost any room can take on this constantly evolving style. This modern home styling could incorporate the latest flooring trends and materials, such as luxury vinyl tiles, hardwood, or laminates. Most of these flooring solutions can be explored online on websites such as https://www.shadowwoodflooring.com/luxury-vinyl-flooring/ or similar others for modern interiors. Try it out for yourself in your kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets!

Fun Art Deco

Gatsby-style parties might still be prohibited due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the decor style of the roaring 20s sure isn’t! Art deco pieces feature fun and bold geometric shapes paired with metallic embellishments. Plenty of companies are latching onto this trend, including West Elm, but you don’t need to spend over $100 to complete the look. Consignment stores and thrift shops are an excellent place to start. Look for geometric style decorations and art pieces to give the walls some extra flair. 

Eclectic Vibes

Can’t pin down your exact style? Not to worry, eclectic decorations are becoming very popular. The eclectic styles that interior designers are predicting to see a lot of in 2021 include mix-matched patterns paired with lighter woods and fun accent walls. Basically, it’s just a reflection of your own styles without worrying about matching a particular style. One fun route to go is a gallery wall with a variety of different photos and frames. The good news is, you can’t really mess this one up. Go with what you feel good about!

Retro and Earthy

The 70s and 80s were a very interesting time for design, and we’re happy to see some styles making their way back. However, those ugly, patterned couches can stay behind. What is catching our radar is rounded and chunky accent furniture and bold, earth colored accent walls. These retro touches are vintage and fun, but not overly dramatic. Choose colors like burnt orange, olive green, and off-white for the walls, but avoid mauves and bright whites. Have fun with this style, too!

Offset Kitchen Islands

According to insights from top agents, home buyers are putting a lot of emphasis on the quality of a home’s kitchen. It’s no wonder offset kitchen islands are gaining popularity! Not only do they provide function to the overall kitchen, they add a nice aesthetic touch when implemented tastefully. If, on the other hand, you’re searching for a home, then be sure to keep an eye out for kitchen’s with offset islands if it fits into what you can afford according to a home affordability calculator! 

We’re excited to see what 2021 holds for us in terms of design. Be sure to keep art deco, modern, and retro styles on your radar. We know we will!

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