4 Biggest Home Organization Mistakes

Most people can agree that an organized home is more enjoyable to live in than a disorganized one. When you make the effort of organizing your house, you’ll reap the benefits more than you ever imagined. 

However, you’re less likely to feel like your time was well spent if you make certain mistakes during the process In order to get the most out of your home-organization efforts, it’s important that you know what to look out for. Take a look at some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when tackling home organization. 

Not Thinking About Safety 

Sometimes the first thing on people’s minds when organizing is how things look. However, rather than focusing on the way you feature things, it’s often more important to think about practicality and safety. For example, even though you may love the way your AR15 rifle looks, it’s probably not a good idea to display it in your entryway.  

Store dangerous items somewhere where they’re out of reach and impossible for someone to hurt themselves or someone else.  It all comes down to being sensible when taking on an organization project. 

Stacking Clutter 

In an effort to clear off cluttered counter spaces and desks, a lot of people wind up taking the easiest route, which is organizing the clutter into clutter piles. Even though stacks may be more pleasing to the eye than spread clutter, piles of clutter are still clutter.  

It’s important that you gut the clutter from the inside out. Separate everything into categories and purge what you don’t need. Get things off your surfaces and into organizational boxes or drawers. Nothing should be visible unless you use it several times a day, like a phone. You can also opt for getting a self storage unit that could store your valuables

Hoarding Bags 

We get it; in an effort to be more green-conscious, you want to reuse bags. However, it’s important that you don’t mistake being conscious with hoarding. Holding on to too many plastic bags will start to overflow your living space with unnecessary amounts of bags. 

Make sure that you limit yourself to the amount of plastic bags that you keep in your home at a time. If bags start pouring out of the sides of one of your drawers, you know that you’ve probably filled them enough. 

Stuffing Things Into Closets 

Unfortunately, far too many people think they can get away with the “out of sight out of mind” approach. Even though the rest of your house might look fine, stuffing your belongings into closets can lead to serious frustration. So, sort through your belongings, give away or dispose of items that you won’t use, and store things in a storage unit that you will need in the future or less often. You can explore storage units in your neighborhood or search online for Storage Post Brooklyn locations to get quality storage facilities.

If you do put your items in the closet, it’s important that they are organized, and you know where to find everything. Otherwise, all you’re doing is creating more of a mess. If you do fill your closets, make sure that they’re full of boxes that are organized and accessible. 

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