4 ways to aid workout recovery with the help of a Hypervolt massage gun

Use if to target minor tweaks and strains with fast relief

When doing resistance training, naturally you wouldn’t be targeting every single muscle group at once or even in just one workout. Resistance training requires some kind of isolation or focus on a singular muscle or muscle group at a time.

Unfortunately, it’s somewhat inevitable for this kind of commitment to yield minor tweaks and strains, such as how you might strain your calves when doing the final, high-intensity barbell curl rep.

This is where the use of a Hyperice massage gun comes in handy, effective in the aid of workout recovery with the targeting of minor tweaks and strains such as these. These types of minor tweaks and strains can also flare up when doing aerobic exercises in the complete absence of the use of weights for resistance training.

Use it to hedge against DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is exactly what it says on the tin and is probably something you’re all too aware of if you’ve ever engaged in any high-intensity physical activity. Professional sportspersons involved with contact sports such as football (soccer) often speak about “heavy legs” or just sore bodies, which is basically just the muscle pain that you develop quite a bit after your body has cooled down and the activity has long since concluded.

Some athletes or health-nuts absolutely love that pain that comes with lactic acid build-up, basking in it as a sign of the pain in the mantra of “no pain, no gain!”

Cue the Hypervolt massage gun, which is part of yet another way through which to aid in workout recovery. If the DOMS is felt almost instantly after the physical activity, the massage gun can aid in the provision of instant relief, but here it’s more about preventing the delayed onset of the pain.

You’ll likely notice the difference if you use the Hypervolt as part of your cool-down routine, with the pain being conspicuous through its absence. You might even forget that you took proactive action to offset the onset of the delayed soreness!

Use it for increased muscle and joint range of motion

Once you’ve figured out how to integrate a Hypervolt into your workout routine, which includes pre and post-workout, you’ll naturally incorporate its use into the pre-workout warm-up. The results are visible through the increased muscle and joint range of motion, which makes for another proactive deployment of the massage gun in aiding workout recovery. You’re pretty much setting the platform for a quicker recovery and doing a lot to avoid possible injury altogether.

Use it to stimulate better blood circulation

Better circulation of your blood, lymph, oxygen and muscle-tissue-repairing nutrients results from the use of a Hypervolt massage gun, making for a great way to aid in the process of workout recovery. Active individuals who’ve merely tried it swear by it, fully incorporating it into their workout recovery regime, both as part of the pre-workout warm-up and post workout cooling off.

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