What Bird-Feeders Can Do for Your Garden

While their regular business is indeed driven by the popularly selling commercial teak wood furniture pieces, specialist suppliers such as Chic Teak relish the prospect of the design and manufacture of some bespoke teak furniture pieces and garden items. One such item would have probably been bird-feeders for those gardening enthusiasts that would love to attract some bird-life to their backyards.

Bird-feeders do much more than just attract birds though, with so many other positive impacts you’ll notice on your garden. They also give you a great feature to enjoy from your teak garden furniture.

Attract other animal species

Believe it or not, but Mother Nature’s various dispersions in the form of the different life forms, seem to have a much more symbiotic relationship than that which meets the eye. So if for instance, you have some bird feeders that attract more of a certain species of birds, that could also attract other living creatures like bees.

Help your garden flourish

Birds may initially be attracted by the scraps of a specific type of feed you put in the feeders, but that doesn’t mean that’ll be the only table at your buffet they’ll sit at. They might take the opportunity to dig up worms and follow the bees in the garden, which helps in cross-pollinating your plants. In that regard, you can consider going for apiculture where you can raise bees in a small customized box with the help of certain bee tools. That way, you can attract more birds, increasing the rate of pollination, all of which come together to help your garden flourish.

That being said, birds don’t just typically get attracted to flourishing gardens, but also help gardens to flourish in the way Mother Nature intended.

Make your garden look more beautiful

If your garden has trees, adding a couple of birdfeeders to them would make it look more beautiful. With the help of a Tree Trimming service, the trees could be partly shaved down and the clearings could be used to install some colourful birdfeeders. Not only that, the many different colours of the different birdlife your garden’s birdfeeders attract will instantly add some natural beauty to it.

And it’s not just the visual beauty that you’ll appreciate, but also the auditory beauty. There’s nothing like some bird chatter or outright songs to complement something like a light wind blowing through a certain type of tree!

Things to watch out for

As much as birdfeeders would naturally be built to attract and feed birds, their subsequent attraction of other animal species can also include some undesirables to watch out for.

Predators like snakes

Birds typically won’t make a permanent home out of a birdfeeder, no matter how nice it is. Predators such as snakes might take that opportunity though, so be careful when handling them, like perhaps when refilling.

Bird faeces

Since it’s likely in an open-air environment where you’d have your birdfeeders placed, the potential health hazards of dried up bird faeces probably won’t be an issue. Still, precautions should be taken and excessive bird faeces should be cleaned up, particularly in areas such as your decking and on your teak outdoor furniture.

The best wood to use in bird-feeders

Since teak wood has been mentioned already throughout this post, it’s probably obvious by now that this leading, versatile hardwood is probably the best wood to go into the making of your birdfeeders. Sure, some birdfeeders are made using the likes of plastic and other synthetic material, but teak wood makes for a much more natural material which is also very durable, in addition to its natural resistance to pests. Birds will naturally gravitate to wood has it’s just another natural element they instinctively trust.

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