Karmic And Soul Mate Relationships According to a Tantric Sex Expert

We’ve all come across the concepts of karma – good karma, bad karma, no karma! Similarly, we’ve all come across the word soulmate and have a very good grasp of what it means. But what are exactly karmic and soulmate relationships, and does it matter that you know. According to Steffo Shambo, founder of the Tantric Academy of Sacred Sexuality, it does. We sat down with him to understand a little bit more about these two topics and what they are important.

Karmic Relationships

The word karma means action. Physical action, mental action, emotional action, and energy action are all going on in human beings. These four dimensions of karma happen all the time, whether you’re awake or asleep. This means that you are the creator of your life and relationships. There is no manager sitting up in heaven dictating how your life will play out. You sow your own seeds. You lay in your own bed.

Karma is constantly being created as a memory. Past action exists only in the form of memory. Not just memories in your mind, but every cell of your body carries memory. Even if you don’t remember it yourself, your body remembers. That’s how trauma and blockages can be stored in the body for years.

Every action in life creates karma, so to be able to reduce your karmic imprint you need to start bringing more awareness to your four actions. Let’ say in the last 24 hours, how many of these four dimensions of karma did you perform consciously? Probably not many.

If your actions are unconscious, they become ‘accidental’ and create undesired karma for you. So it’s important to understand that karma is not a reward and punishment system, it’s basically a residue of memory within yourself.

So whatever childhood trauma or patterns you picked up, you will attract that kind of relationship to unconsciously seek healing. Very common is to see that if you have an abandonment wound you will develop a needy and co-dependent attachment style. And thus, attract a partner who is avoidant and distant. And vice versa. This we could call a ‘karmic relationship.’

So, the bottom line is: will you allow unconscious activities to rule the destiny of your life? Or will you make sure it’s the conscious activity that will rule the destiny of your life? This is your decision.

Soulmate Relationships

Mating is a requirement of the body, mind, and emotions. We proceed in sexual activity either because we want to procreate or out of increasing pleasurable emotions. Through those feelings, couples are able to explore many avenues which can include using sex toys as well as products like a nipple pump to take things up a notch.

But the soul can’t mate with anything, nor does the soul need a mate. Because the soul is boundless and limitless. Only what is limited and bound to the physical realms needs a mate to feel better and complete.

We want to increase pleasure through sex. And increase love through relationships.

But if you want to live joyfully it’s essential to see the limitations of relationships as a tool for making you happy. And find the joy inside of you without needing anyone else to fulfil that in you.

Only if you’re able to love yourself first will you be able to love another human being.

So, seeking a soul mate to ‘complete’ you will inevitably come crashing down, and you will be faced with that which fueled that desire in the first place.

There is no right person on this planet, but we can find someone we share the same values to create companionship together with. Relationships are formed out of certain needs of the human body – physical, psychological, emotional, social, and financial needs.

So, if you come with so many needs towards someone, you come as a beggar. Instead, you must fulfill all these needs within yourself first. And when you have, you will be able to attract a harmonious and beautiful relationship that will last for a long time. Because you are now resonating on a different frequency and will attract a high-quality partner that has done the same inner work. As to finding a person that you can better connect and have a better relationship with, you can go out and meet new people. Some may even find a compatible partner through dating sites where people might be looking for meet and fuck but unintentionally end up finding an individual they resonate with on a different level.

Inner work can look like doing yoga, tantra, shadow work, therapy, and spiritual self-development. This is where it’s at, that’s when you will transform yourself and your life. Being able to find and attract your so-called “soulmate”. It all starts from within yourself.

Steffo is the founder of the Tantric Academy of Sacred Sexuality, where he hosts a mentorship program called the Tantric Man Experience. The program empowers men to tap into their full masculine confidence, intimate power, and their ability to connect with themselves and their partners on a deeper level. Throughout his years of experience in hosting this mentorship, he’s helped hundreds of men worldwide to save their relationships or find their dream partner.

To read more about Steffo’s work at The Tantric Academy please visit: https://tantricacademy.com/about/

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