4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Get a Puppy

A lot of people get a new puppy expecting that they will be your best friend forever. Unfortunately, there’s a lot that goes into making sure that your dog experience is a good one. It’s easy to get caught up in some of the most common mistakes in the midst of all the excitement.

However, by learning from others’ mistakes that have been made before you, you can avoid repeating them yourself. Take a look at some of the biggest mistakes to look out for when you got a new puppy.

Letting Your Puppy Wander

It’s important that you set clear boundaries for your puppy in terms of where they’re allowed to go. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is letting him go wherever they want any time. Unfortunately, when they are allowed free reign of your home, you’re likely to experience accidents where you don’t want them to happen.

Teach your puppy where they’re allowed to hang out, and never allow them to enter the places they aren’t permitted. If you leave the house, your puppy should be confined to their safe space. For some people, it’s a certain room or a sectioned-off area like a crate. Until puppies are older, wandering off by themselves usually means getting into trouble. To avoid such a scenario and ensure their safety, you could get them trained with a professional Dog Trainer In Brighton or a dog expert in your close proximity. They are professionals who can train your puppy to obey your various instructions. By doing this, your pet would become accustomed to your commands and would be less likely to wander aimlessly.

Interacting With Other Dogs Too Soon

Even though you may be excited to see your puppy interact with other dogs, it’s important not to rush too quickly into the step of their lives. Since puppies don’t have all of their shots yet until they’re over 16 weeks old, they can be incredibly susceptible to certain diseases. Play it safe and keep them away from other dogs until they have their shots.

It’s also important to remember that they aren’t behaviorally developed yet. They may get too excited around other dogs, and it could result in dangerous circumstances.


A lot of new dog owners make the mistake of confusing their puppy for a human child. Overcoddling, your dog can lead to serious consequences over time. Treating your dog like a human for too long will result in it possibly feeling anxious or underconfident.

Your dog needs to learn how to walk by itself without being carried all the time. Your dog is not a baby but rather an animal. Provide them with the opportunities to stand on their own more often than not.

Feeding Your Dog The Wrong Food

Unfortunately, not all food is created equally. It’s important that your dog is eating the right food for their specific breed and age. Since puppies require a significant amount of vitamins in order to grow properly, it’s your job to choose high-quality food.

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