Boosting Your Social Networking Numbers With the GetInsta App

For anyone who has put in the work to get their Instagram page looking as good as any Instagram page should look, one obstacle perhaps proves a bit too high to overcome, which is how to bump up the numbers. For the best of accounts on Instagram free followers shouldn’t be so hard to come by, but they somehow appear to be out of reach.

Is it a case of the platform itself not doing enough to promote your page or is it just not organically gaining as much traction as you know it has the potential to achieve? Any one of those reasons could be the cause for your stagnant account, along with some others. Either way, there is an app you can use to boost your social networking numbers, particularly Instagram.

The app

So the app I’ve used is called GetInsta, downloadable from the site for free and it’s free to use as well. The minimum “lot” of followers you can get is 50 at a time, with more numbers available if you’re either willing to purchase them with real money, or if you have some time dedicate to collecting the credits with which you can buy the followers. You can buy likes too, with the thinking behind this being that of essentially garnering some much-needed momentum to bring attention to your Instagram page and your content.

Sometimes all it needs to blow up is one person to interact with just one of your posts…

Is it safe?

The app is perfectly safe to use from all points of consideration. It’s safe to install on your device, with none of those warnings about unknown publishers and the likes. Your accounts for which you’d be generating authentic likes are safe too, because the app even gauges and limits activity that might be considered to be suspicious by Instagram and raise a red flag.

Complementary actions

In addition to using the app, there are some complementary steps and actions you can take to help boost your numbers. One is checking out the content of fellow Instgrammers whom you identify to have a following that might be interested in your content as well. So target Instagram users with accounts targeting the same target market as that which you are targeting, and then interact. Post, like and share.

Your mere presence makes it easy for fellow followers to click through to your page, which can spark them to start following you and engaging with your content. It’s all about discovery.

Saving some content exclusively for Instagram

Getting free followers for Instagram is an easy enough task with the likes of the GetInsta app, but if you want to hold on to those followers and incentivise them to interact with your content, you have to have some content that is exclusively reserved for the Gram. Sure, the likelihood is that Instagram is used in the first place to complement some of your other content sharing platforms, like your blog, but it has to have some kind of life of its own too.

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