4 outdoor seating arrangements to make with teak garden tables

Getting the garden up together can be a difficult task, particularly if you do not have a proper plan in place. The design and layout of the garden can have a big impact on the feel and perceived quality it will have for both you and any guests that you have around.

Whilst the type of furniture that you buy for the garden will have a big impact on the overall look, the seating arrangements and layout of the furniture can make all the difference. In today’s blog, we take a look at 4 interesting seating arrangements you can create with the help of some chairs and some teak garden tables.

  1. A covered seating area with a teak table and chairs

If you live in a location that has frequent rainfall you will likely want an outdoor seating arrangement that provides comfortable seating in addition to protection from the elements. If you develop a built-in seating cover and add some teak tables and chairs you will have a place where you can enjoy food and drinks without having to worry about sudden downpours!

  1. Teak chairs and tables built around a firepit

For the slightly more autumnal months, when the breeze is somewhat cold, fire pits melbourne can offer a great source of warmth to those who love enjoying the outdoors during this time. Teak tables and chairs positioned around this central feature will help create a space where people can start conversations, reminisce old memories, and be hopeful about the future.

We recommend allowing plenty of space for this type of seating arrangement. Fires can be dangerous, so, in order to allow for optimum safety, you should position the teak table and chairs close enough to enjoy the fire’s heat but also far away enough to protect those around it — not too close to get burnt; not too far to not get the warmth.

  1. Use corners to add a comfortable seating area

Corner areas in gardens are sometimes very underutilized assets however the dimensions lend themselves well to corner furniture that helps you take advantage of all the space in your garden. Adding a teak garden table and some dining chairs will also mean the area can be used for outdoor dining.

  1. Use a large conservatory or orangery to make way for outdoor dining

Whilst this may not be top of the priority list in the colder months, having a conservatory or orangery with enough space can allow you to dine both inside and out as well as provide the flexibility to enjoy food and company all year round. You can easily get an orangery made in your garden or backyard by looking for contractors with expertise in the construction of orangeries in the UK or elsewhere. They may also assist to build a conservatory; the difference being orangery will have less glass structure and a more solid perimeter than a conservatory. Teak garden tables make good additions here as they are suitable enough to be used inside and can be moved outside without a huge risk of excessive damage and weathering.

Buy the best quality furniture you can

When you are trying to create an interesting outdoor seating arrangement you may be tempted to skimp on the costs however if you buy the best quality furniture you can it will add to the overall look of your new seating area. Take teak garden tables for example, they are a quality piece of furniture that will provide value in years to come.

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