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Taste a traditional Viennese style coffee in Vienna – a good tip or a crazy idea? A visit of any of the Viennese cafés should definitely not be missing from your „What to do in Vienna“ list. Otherwise you will spontaneously include it in your list. Your reliable and comfortable transport to Vienna from Bratislava airport or from the centre of Bratislava will be arranged again by Taxi Bratislava Vienna taxi service.

Tradition of coffee in Vienna

If you would like to taste a cup of coffee after a few hours spent with discovering monuments and attractions, or you have some time left before your business meeting, there are a few cafés where it is not only about coffee but also about expression of attitude to life.

Cafés where history comes to life. A place where the smell of freshly brewed coffee, tasty pies, rolls and strudels hangs in the air. A place where you can hear rustling newspapers and mixed conversations of guests exchanging ideas about various topics.

The ones who have already experienced the atmosphere of the Viennese cafés, can only confirm everything what is written above. The ones who haven´t experienced this atmosphere yet, can try it on their own skin.

Let´s dive into the old-Viennese world of coffee and live history in one of the 6 traditional Viennese cafés according to the recommendations of the Viennese people.

Café Jelinek

The first stop is café Jelinek that is a bit hidden, not far from the Mariahilfer Strasse. This is an ideal place to understand the definition of culture of the Viennese cafés. 
A small café, where nearly everything has been left unchanged for decades. The wood stove, the excellent coffee, newspapers for free and a bunch of sweet temptations give this place an exceptional charm. A secret tip for your – homemade sponge cake (Gugelhupf).  

Café Sperl

It is located halfway between Mariahilfer Strasse and the famous Viennese Naschmarkt. Another café where only a few things have changed since its opening, as since 1880 it has been a synonym of Viennese style culture of cafés. 
Café Sperl is an ideal place for a short stop in the old Vienna – with superb coffee and a piece of original Sperl cake.  

Café Hawelka

Nearby Stephansplatz you will find another one from the top legendary Viennese cafés – café Hawelka created by Mr. and Mrs. Hawelka. Without their typical Buchteln – a sweet delicacy made from dough and filled with jam – this would definitely not be café Hawelka. 
It is well-known also thanks to the fact that it is a meeting place of famous people from the field of art and culture. Give it a try, maybe you will meet someone famous here, who will be sitting here and enjoying a cup of excellent coffee. 

Café Korb

Café Korb, also located in the vicinity of Stephansplatz, has been welcoming its guests since 1904. In this café the guests can order breakfast (all day long), but also the great Wiener Snitzel.

Part of the café is the art lounge, creating an artistic and modern counterpart to the classic café. You will definitely be attracted by the number of photographs from the life of the owner – the actress and artist Susanne Widl.

Café Schwarzenberg

Café Schwarzenberg belongs among the most popular Viennese cafés and places where you can meet with friends. You can feel the ancient charm and atmosphere of the so called „Ringstrasse“ café in every corner. 
For the guests there are specialties from coffee and tea prepared, which, when combined with a tasty piece of cake or pie will definitely enchant the taste buds of any guest.  

Café Central

As the sixth in a row we present café Central in Herrengasse that has been open since 1876. The amazing experience of the visit of this café will be completed with the original courtyard in Venetian style, excellent patisserie and pleasant piano music.

The café offers also classic pieces of the Viennese kitchen as cooked bovine meat, Wiener Snitzel or the popular Kaiserschmarrn.

Supposedly the smell of the Viennese coffee and the atmosphere of the Viennese cafés will be the correct finish of your day spent in Vienna. Perhaps you will discover a totally different Viennese café that will make you come back again. Perhaps it will be the specialty of the Viennese kitchen that will give you a real culinary experience.

We leave the selection of the café fully on your taste and choice. You can tell us about your experience when travelling in the taxi from Vienna to Bratislava.

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Sources: https://www.wien.info, https://www.shutterstock.com

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