Breaking Plateaus with a Change in Scenery

It’s amazing just how effective a change in scenery can be in helping you break any plateaus you might be stuck on. This applies to pretty much all areas of modern-day life, from being in a career that requires constant creativity to perhaps needing a change of environment so that you can seize back your logical-thinking traits. Even someone like a resistance trainer looking to build up some muscle can break muscle-growth plateaus by simply changing their regular environment, with a place like Bristol making for a great such change in scenery for that one day out of the week when you do your cardio…

These are broad and perhaps overly simplified examples mentioned, but it’s all just to drive the point home that a mere change in scenery can act as the ultimate catalyst to help break barriers and plateaus, in ANY area of life. The secret though resides in the kind of environment you’re subsequently going to be temporarily playing out this plateau-breaking “ritual” in and there are very specific elements of that changed environment to target for the best results.

Less responsibility

Often this is the only element you need to take care of if you’re to succeed at using a change of scenery as a catalyst to break any plateaus you’re stuck on, which is simply having less responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the new, temporary environment. Short-term accommodation shines through as the best option in that regard because the likelihood is that it would be fully serviced, complete with cleaning services, and everything you need within reach for your day-to-day life.

It’s a simple matter of redirecting all the stress of something like running a home to whatever it is you’re seeking to make progress in and break new ground.

A taste of different style preferences

Some of the greatest moments of inspiration simply come from looking at the same common elements of life from a different perspective. Even if it’s something as seemingly insignificant as an ornament you’d probably never in a hundred years decorate your own home with, the infinite possibilities around that particular piece’s origins, significance, etc, could make for the inspiration and motivation you need.

It’s more of a mental exercise and a very effective one at that.


If you have a large amount of work to get through or you just need to put in the hard yards in your graft, nothing beats being able to roll straight out of bed and get to work immediately. It’s nice to know that you can order breakfast for the delivery without hassle, for instance, or that you could maybe go to the common dining area for the inclusive breakfast at the place you’re staying in.

Dynamically accessible amenities

The scenery change with which you’d be seeking to catalyse the smashing of barriers and the scaling of plateaus should have many different options for motivational and inspirational cues available. For example, it can do wonders to your energy levels to perhaps go out for a stroll in the crispy fresh evening air instead of taking the power-nap you usually take when your energy levels slump.

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