5 Popular Women Ring Trends to Check Out

It is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friends, but what if the rings are not within a woman’s budget? It is every woman’s dream to have a big, shiny, lustrous ring, and but some of them, it can burn a hole in the pocket. If you can’t give up your love for bling but it is out of your budget, you can look below to find which designer rings for women can be the most affordable. It might look and feel as luxurious and shiny as a diamond but costs a lot less.

Also, you’ve come to the right place if you’re reading this blog just to learn about what type of ring might be ideal for your girl. In addition to the rings listed below, you could look for Personalized Rings for your girlfriend, wife, or mother. These can undoubtedly add a personal touch to your gift and a priceless smile to your partner’s face whenever they see that ring.

Anyway, here is a list of the latest styles of rings for women that you can get customized easily while being on a budget.

1. Boho Layered Rings

If you are a fan of the bohemian culture and want your rings to reflect your personality then you can get them customized as per your taste very easily. You can have a silver band at the base and a gleaming morganite gemstone at the center. You can layer the ring with simple silver bands or wear silver bands lined with the morganite gemstone on other fingers. You can always mix and match your rings.

2. Big Finger Cross Style Rings

If you like big rings that cover almost half of your finger then this can be a very good style for you. These criss-cross style rings are very chic and stylish. They have a bold look and will perfectly reflect your personality. As the base, you can have the band that suits your choice and budget. It could be gold, silver, or platinum. It will be carved in a criss-cross shape and small morganite stones will be lined all over the band. It will feel and look rich and expensive.

3. Simple Band

If your style is very minimalist and you don’t like quirky designs then you can definitely have a simple band and pair it with solid silver jewellery. This could be a very good budget-friendly option as well. It looks simple and elegant and the plus point is that you can wear it with professional attire as well. If you want to spoil yourself then you can also have this band in platinum with a brushed texture. This gives more depth to the ring.

4. Big Traditional Rings

If you like big traditional rings to perfectly match your favorite pink dress but can’t afford it, you just have to replace those expensive diamonds with morganite stone and you are good to go. Your big traditional morganite rings will be ready in almost one-tenth of the price.

5. Hexagon Rings

In this ring style, a big morganite stone will be placed on the beautifully carved hexagon band lined with small stones. Even the whole band is also symmetrically lined with small stones. It looks very artistic and stylish. The geometrical hexagonal design at the center gives it a very symmetric and balanced look. It looks and feels as expensive and rich as a diamond ring.

6. Loop Interlocked

This design is very unique and yet looks very elegant. The big morganite stone sits at the center of the four-prong setting and this signifies how you believe in togetherness and unity. This could also be a very good idea for a budget-friendly engagement ring or a romantic gift for your partner.


Jewellery and women can not be separated from each other and should never be, either, especially not because of the budget. There are always a lot of affordable alternatives available that look just as good as the expensive ones. Pink morganite rings will fulfil all of your dreams of having a big, shiny diamond on your ring and will help you to relive all your childhood princess fantasies. These rings are also very good budget-friendly options for engagement rings for women.

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