4 of the best colours that work well on jute bags

When it comes to the world of bags and in particular jute bags, the colour that you choose is essential. Whether you are designing your bags for your business or personal use, the colour will impact on the overall feel of the bag and affect the type of design that you can put on it in terms of logos and other design features.

The coarse fabric used for jute bags gives the item a specific look; and you should try your best to pick a colour that works with the material. If you are looking for more ‘design-heavy’ bags, perhaps a cotton or paper alternative would work best. With jute bags, it is best to stick as best you can to natural colourways.

In today’s blog, we take a look at jute bags and the different colours that work well on the design for these environmentally sustainable and practical plastic bag alternatives. Keep reading to find out what the best colours are.

  1. Black jute bags: great for bold but minimal designs

If you are a fan of the minimal design then black jute bags could be a great way to maintain that aesthetic whilst also adding a bold design to the overall bag. Whilst black may not be the first many consider when it comes to bold design colours, if you opt for black jute bags coupled with a bold white design you will definitely have a bag that stands out.

  1. Natural finish jute bags: perfect for a purely natural look

If you are a jute bag purist there is nothing stopping you from avoiding the base colour all together. Natural jute comes in a light sandy colour which is a good base on which to add an intricate design in itself. In addition to the natural look, you could also add two-tone elements to have a little splash of colour whilst also maintaining the overall natural look of the jute.

  1. Blue jute bags: good for water-themed businesses

Blue jute bags are very popular, due in part to the overall look of the bag but also the fact that blue connotes trust, which can be very valuable for a business. Blue jute bags work well with a variety of different coloured logos, just make sure you pick complementary colours to the background of the bag.

  1. Green jute bags: work well for bold eco-friendly designs

Green jute bags are good if you have a natural product and want to match the jute bag to the overall branding of the business. We recommend going with more natural shades of green to match the natural look of the jute bag. This will give you a good basis from which to add the other design elements such as logos and copy.

Order jute bags from a supplier with a wide variety of colours

The 4 colours listed above are certainly the safe options when it comes to the colour design for your jute bags. Whilst we recommend sticking to them as best you can, you may also wish to venture outside of the classic styles with some bold and interesting designs and alternative colours. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, make sure you find a jute bag supplier that produces products in a wide variety of different colours.

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