Guest Post: How To: Managing a Toddler and Newborn at the Same Time

There’s little more that puts the fear in the hearts of a parent than when they have to do the shopping, flying solo, with a newborn and a toddler.

But hang in there, parents, you can do this. Moms and dads everywhere have survived, and you can, too.

Some days, it won’t feel like you will live through it. You’ll imagine that everyone’s glaring at you as one–or both!–kids have an epic meltdown. But, unfortunately, you still need to get supplies from time to time, so it must be faced.

Here’s what you can do to make it easier.

1.   Prepare

Believe it or not, your kid doesn’t have a nefarious plot to make your life as hard as it can be. It’s just they get tired or over-stimulated, and sometimes that’s what happens. So quick and efficient should be your mantra.

But be patient. Raising your children is your priority, not keeping strangers happy. If you have to, take your children into the restroom for a time out.

Before you go, make a plan. Have a list and organize it by categories, so you can hit each section and not have to backtrack. In and out, that’s the plan

Make sure both kids are fed and have gone to the bathroom, if possible. With a newborn, of course, you can’t always predict when they’ll need a change, but you can give it a shot based on your experience.

Try to make your toddler feel important by involving them in the plan to get the food you need before the baby gets cranky. If they feel like they’re your partner, they may react by showing they’re capable of the responsibility you’ve given them and be on their best behavior.

2.   Have Appropriate Gear

If your toddler is comfortable, then your chances are better for a smooth trip. The Binxy Baby shopping cart cover transforms that uncomfortable metal folding chair into a cozy nest. It also gives your toddler protection from the general nastiness of a public cart.

For your newborn, keep them close with a baby sling. You’ll be more relaxed with your baby close to you, and your baby will feel safer snuggled next to you.

Have plenty of wipes, pacifiers, diapers and basic baby supplies with you. You can keep a few things with you and the rest in the car in case of emergencies. Two changes of clothing per child may seem extreme, which is what I recommend, but better safe than sorry. If you have the extras in the car, you won’t have to carry too much, but you’ll have access when you need it.

3.   Your Sense of Humor

Seriously, try not to worry too much. Maybe order grocery pickup or delivery so you don’t have to take too many of these shopping trips and you can avoid potential problems. Still, you’ll have to run in for a quick trip now and then, and it’s good for your kids to learn how the world works.

Try to see the humor in the situation when it goes south. We’ve all been there.

Good luck!

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