Garden design with teak furniture for extensibility

The mark a well-designed garden resides in the feeling it induces as one comes into contact with it, whether they’d be popping out for a walk or a little chill session, or indeed if they’re just checking it out. It has to feel like you’re looking at a complete work, but one which is sure to evolve when you check it out again sometime in the future.

It has to feel “alive,” like a dynamically evolving creature which can change, even if it’s currently “hibernating,” sleeping or merely resting. Basically, your garden has to be designed for extensibility and there are a few factors to consider to achieve this.

Working on a complete base

Yes, the base has to be a complete work on its own. What this means is that even if you haven’t any plants growing all over your garden, it should still look decent. Well-manicured lawns are probably characteristic of the last century and very early into this century. A properly cared-for lawn with the assistance of lawn maintenance firms like Bellingrath Bros. Landscape & Design can be enough to complete the most basic of garden appearances.

With the generally smaller gardens of the modern times though, practicality dictates laying out gravel stone pathways and entire garden spaces in place of a lawn. This works just as well, as long as weed growth is kept in check and the principle of moist-over-dust is generally adhered to.

Either way, for a garden to enjoy the property of being extensible, it should have a complete look without any of the frills. This will give you a great environment to enjoy from the comfort of your teak furniture.

Start with pot-plants (mobility)

Mobility is the next constituent of an extensible garden, with the best way to physically ensure this being through the deployment of pot plants. Plants that a planted and maintained in pots can be easily moved around as the need arises, such as perhaps placing them away from the biting cold of the winter, maximising sunlight, or moving them where they’ll get plenty of rainwater.

It’s also a quick-access aesthetically-driven advantage to be able to move certain plants to a different place just to freshen up the look or get a visual cue of how a certain look you want to go with next is going to work out.

Extensible teak furniture

Permanent garden furniture structures are quite the commitment, like cement garden benches, because you pretty much won’t be able to move them once they’ve been installed. A better alternative exists in the form of wooden garden furniture, of which the extensibility can be further drawn upon if you choose dynamic pieces that are foldable, movable, extendable, etc.

Wood looks a bit more natural as well and so these pieces would fit in with the look wherever it is you’d choose to move them.

Seasonal gardens are the best

This pointer goes back to the first one, which is creating a complete base. If that is made provision for, a seasonal garden can undergo a transformation which is as natural as the changes in the climate.

If the summer plants wilt away and die, for instance, it’ll still look attractive with an underlying complete base. Additionally installing some teak furniture means you will have an asset that lasts all year round.

When the warmer months come around again, you should definitely pursue some plants which are seasonal to that time. This is the easiest way to keep your garden “alive,” dynamic and extensible.

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