Why You Should Consider a Mediation Service Before Going to Court

What do Mediation Services do?

Mediation is an intervention for dispute resolution, normally with two parties present and a Mediator. It is often used to resolve disputes and prevent the parties going to the Courts.

What is Mediation Services used for?

Mediation is used in many workplaces where the process of negotiation can be lengthy, during a disagreement where a consensus cannot be reached a trained Mediator is bought in to mediate the decision makers so that a deal can be made. This is important as the parties must treat one another with respect and a Mediator enforces this process and keeps it on track. It is much cheaper to keep the dispute out of the Courts and to get it resolved as quickly as possible with the help of a mediator or dispute resolution service. Parties cannot be forced to mediate, they both have to want to do it to go to Mediation.

In order to mediate it is necessary to have a Law Degree or Psychology Degree and to build on that with requisite Training a minimum of 38 hours, longer would be preferable. You could attend a basic course in a week if you were a suitable candidate.

Mediation has grown strongly over the last few years and is often used to deescalate workplace disputes. The most common reasons for mediation are workplace harassment and bullying and often return to work issues. It is important that the Mediator does not take sides and remains impartial throughout. It appears to be very much a growth area, and for those who have the background a good area to train in.

Why Mediate using Mediation Services?

It is not an option to do nothing as the situation tends to get worse and as steps have to be taken to keep the dispute out of court ADR Mediation is undertaken. ADR or alternative dispute resolution. The dispute resolution depends on three categories of resolution they are:

  •  Conciliation
  •  Arbitration
  •  Adjudication

How long do Mediation Services take?

The mediation is structured over a few sessions, although it is often possible to solve it and reach agreement in one session. Basically the length of the mediation depends on the level of cooperation between the two parties. It is common for major issues to be settled first. If you are divorcing it is wise to hire a Mediation Service skilled in this area of conflict as they will be familiar with the process. Plans for children and division of property have to be worked out to the satisfaction of both parties. The outcomes of the mediation process are strictly confidential and the Mediator does not go away and talk about the case or the clients. This is much cheaper than going to a Court of law, and if your situation can be successfully mediated it is better for both parties.


Always hire mediation services that are fit for purpose, so make sure you shop around so that you are certain to have the right one. Once you have the right outcome you will be glad that you went down this pathway and not into a Court where everything is on Public record.

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