It is common for the internet to become a leisure alternative during the holiday period, limiting the time for other activities. Check out some tips.

Spending more time with children is one of the advantages of starting each year. The routine changes, the house gets busier and it is good to establish some rules so that everything happens in the most harmonious way possible. For example, observing the frequency of internet use during school holidays is one of the precautions to be taken.

In an increasingly digital world, it is common to see children and adolescents spend hours in front of digital devises especially cell phones. With more idle time, it is common for the internet to become a leisure alternative during the holiday period, limiting the time for other activities.

If your child likes to surf the net for many hours, this content can help. In this post, we list some tips for managing internet use during school holidays by encouraging healthier practices. Follow!

1.      Control your children’s access to the internet

It is good to understand that the internet – increasingly, for better and for worse – is part of our daily lives. Therefore, if on the one hand it is important to control your children’s access, on the other hand, this does not mean banning them from surfing the Internet entirely.

There is a digital universe available and there are many pages, websites and applications that offer enjoyable and educational activities for children of all ages. We will see that if the content is good, the recommendation for parents focuses only on the time factor: children need to make good use of their vacation time, on and off the internet.

It is also important to be aware that on vacation, it is common for your children, especially teenagers, to avoid seeking academic or educational materials online. And they do not lack arguments at the tip of the tongue; after all, this is a time to rest and prepare their mind for the academic period that will begin soon.

So, if everything on the Internet is not good or reliable, to prevent them from entering inappropriate or even dangerous pages, parents can use some resources and tools that not only limit the time of use, but also access to certain websites or content through parental control software. With a quick search, it is possible to find free and paid options available.

Thus, it is possible to bring greater security, preventing your children from being exposed to inappropriate content, being overexposed and personal data for insecure pages.

2.      Establish times for internet use during school holidays

During school holidays, it is common for many parents to relax their children’s routine . After all, it is not necessary to wake up so early every day to get ready and go to school. Thus, it becomes very difficult to establish a routine during these months.

Without an established schedule, activities that require less energy expenditure can be attractive, such as watching television and accessing the internet. Many children and young people spend entire mornings and afternoons consuming online content or games.

That is, unrestricted access to smartphone screens, tablets and TVs ends up encouraging a sedentary lifestyle during the holidays. Therefore, establishing schedules for the use of the internet and television can be a way to avoid this problem and create opportunities for healthier practices such as going out with friends, playing some sport, etc.

One best of doing this is using the FamilyTime parental control. The app lets parents schedule a remote lock on kids’ devices along with managing their consumption. If you wish to see how does the app work, give it a try for free. You can get the trial version of this app from the app store on your phone.

3.      Encourage sports

During the holidays, it is common for the child to want to rest. In that sense, sitting at a computer can be quite attractive. To avoid this scenario, encouraging sports practice is the best way out.

It is not necessary to enroll your child in a class such as swimming, football, martial arts, etc. Sports are healthy and need to be practiced throughout the year. However, during the vacation period, it is possible to invest in more common activities, such as riding a bicycle, taking a walk, playing or running in the square, etc.

This exercise keeps the body, but also the mind, healthy. This way, when classes return, it will be easier for your child to return to the study routine and regular physical activity.

In summary, for your child to follow the good waves of a digital world, it is necessary to teach him how to navigate safely, discover new sites and applications that promote his knowledge and skills and also encourage him towards a healthy personal routine. During these vacation months, remember to encourage him to carry out activities that escape the school routine and go out a little more to interact with friends and family in different environments than those attended during the school term.

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