5 Things to Do Once You Move to the UK

Moving to another country is always exhilarating. Whatever your reason is for moving to the UK, here are a few things you should do once you arrive. For Beautiful Mevagissey Cottages look no further.

1. Arrange UK SIM Card

Not all phones work with UK SIM cards, so check your phone to know if it does. You can arrange for a UK SIM card from one of the many network providers that the UK has. You can either do this before you leave your home country or when you arrive in the UK. Most people find it easier to do this as soon as they arrive.

SIM cards can be bought at airports, wireless shops, or at certain supermarkets. This is more advisable as you get to choose a phone service that suits your needs yourself.

2. Sort out Your Health Insurance

In the UK, healthcare can be provided by the public or private sector for residents and non-residents. The tax-funded programme, known as the National Health Service or NHS, delivers primary health services to all, irrespective of residential status.

In addition to what is available on the NHS, you can also apply for private medical insurance. If you don’t already have it as part of your workplace insurance plan, and you can pay the premiums, you can feel that it’s worth spending more to have more control over your treatment.

3. Educate Yourself on UK Tax and Banking Systems

When you migrate you are likely to have financial obligations back home and in the UK, which means you have to learn how the tax system and banking system works in the UK so that you can easily transfer funds back home, manage finance in various currencies, and make tax arrangements.

You will need to set up a current account with one of the UK’s many leading banks. You will need a current account for various reasons such as receiving your wages and/or any benefits and making payments. You may also want to consider getting a savings account or credit card at some point.

4. Look for Accommodation

Finding a place to stay in the UK should not be taken lightly. The housing market is incredibly fast-paced, and you’ll need to learn just what to do to find a home. Be prepared to be quick on your feet, because nice places come and go very fast. There are many great places to live in the UK, so ensure you do your research and find an area and a property that suits your needs.

5. Assess Schooling/Childcare Options

Are you relocating with your children to the UK? Look at different choices for child care and schooling.

Give your children a perfect start in their new life by looking at different educational opportunities. The UK has strong public and private education. So, everywhere you go, you’ll have a selection of good options as far as education is concerned. With the above knowledge in mind, you can now prepare well as you head to the UK. Stunning beaches, great foods, exciting sports, and rolling hills await!

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