All About That Gift: Tips and Tricks for Building the Perfect Bridal Registry

Creating a bridal registry is one of the most exciting things that a bride gets to do. If you are getting married for the first time, you might be wondering what types of items you should include on your registry. This is all dependent on your current life situation at the moment and what you value most.

While there are no right or wrong things to add to a bridal registry, there are some things that you might want to consider before sending your registry information to your guests.

Necessary Items

There are many items that you may need to make your new home special, including kitchen items, dining room items, bedroom items, living room items, bathroom items, deck items, and more. However, before starting to create your wedding registry, it is important that you figure out exactly which items you need in order to comfortably live in your home after you get married.

Common kitchen items that you may need to put on your registry are a blender, coffee maker, tea kettle, juicer, food processor, slow cooker, pressure cooker, toaster, knife sets, mixing bowls, measuring cups, casserole dishes, baking pan sets, and serving bowls.

If you already have all of the kitchen supplies that you need, consider getting the essentials for your bathroom such as new towels, new washcloths, a new shower curtain, bath mats, hampers, vanity mirrors, soap dishes, and a scale.

If new items for your bathroom and kitchen are not necessary, think about things that you might need for your dining room or living room. These items may or may not include flatware sets, salt and pepper shakers, linen napkins, table runners, beverage or champagne glasses, coasters, pictures, a vacuum cleaner, throw blankets, lamps, a TV, and vases.

You will not want to forget your outdoor space!. Consider the needs of your deck yard or porch and consider putting a barbecue set, grill, picnic basket, or yard games on your registry.

Luxury Items

When we discuss “luxury items” in this article, we are not talking about yachts. Traditionally, most people used to consider it rude to ask for money on your registry. However, things are changing and it is now more acceptable to ask for money to support your honeymoon or vacation. This is what we mean by a “luxury item.” Asking for gift cards to enjoy a nice date night or money to go toward your honeymoon fund is a wonderful option for couples that already have everything that they need or who might need extra financial support to enjoy their honeymoon. Many guests will give gifts of cash in addition to registry items, so it is important to let your guests know that you have a honeymoon fund as well so that they come fully prepared. However, while the guests may take care of your financial requirements for the honeymoon, don’t forget to look out for your share of honeymoon preparation. For instance, get some of the best-flavored condoms or some pheromones for women or men in order to make the most out of that luxury honeymoon period. It is probable though that you go on to plan more honeymoons in the future, but the first one tends to be the most memorable and has to be special, so plan accordingly.

Make It Easy for Your Guests

There are many ways to make it easier for guests to shop for your wedding. First, it is important to always provide items in various price ranges. Many wedding items are expensive and not every family is able to purchase an expensive gift. To make it easier for these families, put some items on your registry that are under $20. Secondly, you can make your registry available online.

Not everyone has time to go in-store shopping. Make sure that every guest has access to your online registry. Lastly, you can make it easier on your guests by being very clear about what your needs are. No one wants to be the guest that brings a gift that is just going to be returned later. So, if you need money for your honeymoon as opposed to kitchen supplies, make that known to all of your guests ahead of time.

Registering is supposed to be fun–both for you and for the people who want to know what to get you. Use these tips to make sure that your registry covers all of your bases

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