When Can a Baby Sleep with a Muslin Blanket?

Babies need sleep, a lot of it. And they should be warm and comfortable during these times. A muslin swaddle blanket is the perfect material for them to sleep in.

It is made from cotton fabric which makes it breathable and cozy at the same time. This makes it a good cloth to wrap a baby since it will regulate the temperature easily.  Durable as well, it lasts a long time even with multiple uses and washes.

The good thing about it is that you can use a muslin blanket as soon as your child is born.

Babies need to get enough comfortable sleep because it helps them grow and adjust to the outside world.

But what will happen if they do not get enough sleep? Here are a couple of signs they are not getting the sleep they need to every day.

  • When baby wakes up constantly wakes up multiple times a night

While a baby naturally wakes up every night to feed, if your baby wakes up more than three times, then they might have a sleeping problem.

  • When your baby takes more than 30 minutes to settle down

Your baby may be stressed out which causes the sleep depravity and difficulty in settling down.

If your baby is showing these signs, chances are, you are also feeling a bit distressed.

But no need to worry, because you can do something to help your baby settle down faster and sleep better.

  • Wrap them in a swaddle blanket.

As simple as a swaddle is, it can be a big help to any parent with a newborn. This is because it emulates the embrace of a womb while providing a balanced temperature for them, making it ideal for a good sleep.

  • Keep the room dimly lit.

This will inform your baby that it is night time and there’s no activity needed. This can help establish the sleep pattern for your baby.

  • Give your baby time to settle.

When it’s time to sleep, lay them on the bed while they are drowsy. This is because it can help teach them that whenever they lay down on the bed or on their crib, it is time to sleep.

Make sure not to pick them up as they are falling asleep because that might disturb them.

As a parent, you want the best for your child which is why you should do your best to give them a good sleep. It is also beneficial for you since if they are asleep, you can do other chores or get enough rest as well.

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