College Move-In Day: Helping Your Teen Settle In

Long-distance parenting is a challenge, but it can be done, but first, you need to jump over the hurdle of a college move-in day together. Don’t forget that this is just as hard on your college-bound teen as it is for you.

From stock tips for your burgeoning stockbroker to helping your teen determine which career field is the best choice for him, you have been there with your teen every step of the way through school and beyond.

Now that he’s decided to go for his master’s in financial management, you realize that the college he will be attending is quite a way away from you and that you’re going to have to let him stand on his own two feet.

Limit Who Tags Along

Whether it’s moving into dorms or an off-campus apartment, moving days are chaotic. While your extended family might want to tag along to settle in with your college student, it’s best to discourage them from doing so. Most colleges have a family weekend, which will be the perfect time for everyone to see the hallowed halls in which your student is studying. Keep it simple for move-in day with just yourself and the immediate family tagging along.

Bring Some Refreshments for the Trip

As a parent, you’ve long gotten into the habit of packing healthy snacks for long road trips. Don’t let the college move-in day be any different. If the college is quite a way from your home, then packing a few snacks will prevent yourself and your teen from getting cranky. After climbing flights of stairs for hours to get your teen settled into the dorm, a cooler of cold drinks will go a long way towards settling everyone in and helping them make new friends as well. After all, what college student can turn down an ice-cold drink on a hot August day?

Scope Out the Area

Take a tour of the area together. Find out where the local grocery and drug stores are, the post office and anything else that your child might need for their first days on campus. This will not only help them get oriented, but it’ll also give you a little more peace of mind, knowing that you’re leaving them prepared for what is to come.

Bring Cleaning Supplies

It’s always a good idea to bring cleaning supplies for that college move-in day as well. You never know if the dorm is going to be clean (or if it’ll be up to your standard of cleaning). A small dustpan and broom can be helpful as well. It’ll also ensure that your college student has cleaning supplies to get them started in their new abode.

Get the place cleaned before Moving In

If your child is not going to live in the dorm but in a private apartment or in a shared home, then there’s no telling how dirty the place might be. Using a Nashville maid service or a similar cleaning company near the college, you could clean out the place that you’ve picked before you move in there. This would help the settling-in process go faster.

Make the Bed Last

As a parent, you’re going to want everything to be perfect for your college student before you hit the road to go home. While it could be tempting to make the bed as soon as you walk into the dorm room, it’s best to make it last. The bed is the perfect place to put boxes and other things that need to be unpacked, which means the bed will need to be remade afterward. Save making the bed for last.

Relish the Moment

Amid all the chaos of moving your student into the dorms, you need to make sure you stop and relish the moment. You’ve both worked hard for this very moment and it’s important you take the time to enjoy it together.

These are just a few of the best tips for helping your new college student on the first day in their new dorms. This is the perfect moment to make a few memories, don’t forget to savor them.

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