Ways You Can Become More Eco-friendly in 2020

Those of us whose concern about the effects of climate change want to find ways to make a positive contribution towards becoming more eco-friendly. We simply cannot afford to sit by and wait for the policymakers, governments, big corporations, etc to direct our involvement, because then we’ll never quite get around to it.

So, if you’re looking for ways to seize the initiative and become more eco-friendly to take the year forward, you have to look at the existing elements of your life. That’s where small, incremental changes can add up to making a substantial difference, as time wears on and these little changes become habitual.

Think environment-first

In one way or the other, every single decision you make in your life could contribute positively or negatively to the environment and the associated challenges it faces. Choose wisely by thinking about the environmental impact.

Looking to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for example, re-stock some household supplies or perhaps go shopping for something like clothing, shoes, toys, etc? The manner through which you approach this otherwise routine task can demonstrate your desire to be more eco-friendly and make an actual difference.

Instead of jumping online to perhaps order your supplies for delivery, why not physically head out to your local mall? There is plenty of variety at establishments such as Liverpool One, with special offers and inventory that rival any online shopping platform, not to mention walk-in only special deals and offers that you’ll never find online.


To compound the effects of this resolution, you would perhaps walk to the mall if possible, instead of jumping into your car to burn some fuel on the way there and back. Or you could take public transport as an alternative to adding just one more polluting-agent to the road (your car).

Choose to buy eco-friendly products as well to make this routine activity of visiting the mall a much more eco-friendly one in many ways!

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