5 Trending Interior Design Styles For Bedrooms

Some popular interior design trends are continuing from recent years, such as dusky rose and blush pink colour palettes and Scandinavian style furniture and fabrics. However, if you are redecorating your bedroom in 2020, there are some new interior design trends on the scene. Here are 5 interior design trends for bedrooms that are gaining popularity this year.

Abstract Prints

If you are a fan of bold colours and patterns, then the abstract trend could be the look for your new bedroom. This is a fun style influenced by expressionist art – think hand-drawn line sketches, geometric prints, and playful colour combinations. Abstract interior design is very tactile, so you could go big with abstract wallpaper or add smaller statement abstract pieces such as rugs, cushions, bedding, or patterned chairs. The abstract is all about fluidity; look for simple shapes and linear curves in furnishings. Don’t be afraid to express yourself boldly.

Global Craftsmanship

Interior design which celebrates and integrates diverse styles and materials from all around the world is becoming increasingly popular. This involves eclectic fusions of patterns and textiles with an emphasis on raw craftsmanship. Imperfect textures and rich colours such as terracotta and ochre create a natural and authentic atmosphere. Add woven hangings or macrame to the walls and accessorize with earthenware and artisan objects. This style is all about the attention to detail and recreating the nomadic experience of travelling the world.

Grandmillenial Style

“Granny chic” has been repurposed for 20-and-30-somethings in a mix of traditional style and maximalism. While Instagram is flooded with white walls and minimalistic furniture, the new trend is to bring retro and vintage styles back into the modern-day. “Dated” aesthetics like floral prints, chinoiserie, rattan, scalloped furniture, fringing, and foxed mirrors are now the in-demand way to bring textures and comfort to your living spaces. Make your bedroom feel cosy and homely with nostalgic touches that remind you of your grandparents’ house. 

Reading Nooks

If there is space for a seating area in your bedroom, you should invest in creating one as a dedicated area for relaxation. A comfy armchair or small chaise longue with cushions and throws placed by a window can create a calming space to unwind. Of course, you’ll want to dress the window area with flowing curtains and ensure that the window glass is strong and insulated. If you’re looking for toughened glass suppliers, invest in the window itself first and then build your reading nook around it. This could include a bookcase or floating shelves.

Canopy Beds

When you think of canopy beds, you might think of heavy regal antique beds or princess style beds for children. However, modern canopy beds are having a moment in 2020. They don’t have to have bulky frames or excessive fabrics. Sleek minimalist canopy beds with frames made from metal or acrylic are the new trend, with lighter fabrics layered to create a lavish yet serene ambience. If you do enjoy the classic fairytale style, choose a canopy bed with an upholstered headboard for that extra touch of luxury in your dreamy bedroom oasis. 

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel, who blogs about home decor and interior design. 

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