Things a Parent Should Teach Their Growing Kids

If there’s one certainty when it comes to raising kids, it’s that every parent has their own approach to child-rearing. They gather information from their surroundings, advice and through trial and error, they pave a path as a new parent. Here are a few things that a new mother or father can use to raise a well-rounded individual for the future. 

It’s Okay to be Polite

If there’s one thing that can be pleasantly surprising, it’s a polite child. And for the most part, it’s a task that should come easily to most. Being able to instill manners in a child is achieved just like anything else, with repetition. As you are your child’s first teacher, showing them the basics of being polite to friends and family members will get them started on the right path. The use of please and thank you are simple and very effective forms of communication. Because in the end, no one enjoys a rude person now do they? 

Be Aware of Their Surroundings

The world has morphed over time and it’s more important than ever for young children to be aware of their surroundings. Knowing small things like looking both ways before crossing the road and watching out for strangers, including animals while outside, are key safety points. Adapting a safe mindset doesn’t have to put the kibosh on fun, it just allows you to have a good time without the possibility of injury. So make it a point to teach your children about safety inside and outside the home for themselves and anyone with them. 

Focus on Learning

Learning in life is basic but putting your best foot forward on a consistent basis isn’t. And though, everyone can’t have awesome days every day, one should strive to make the best of them. Show your child the importance of getting an education and how it can affect their lives. Not everyone is cut out for higher learning and that’s fine, but it’s the primary levels in life they should aim to do well. The essentials are important and they are provided in elementary, secondary and high school. 

The Essentials for Teen Life

As your child progresses through life there are some things that you’re going to have to tackle. You’ve dealt with them and now it’s their turn. As your once young child begins their journey into maturity, you’re going to have to deal with hormones and the circumstances that come along with them, including personal hygiene. One of the most prominent issues will involve shaving. Males and females deal with this in slightly different ways, but teaching your teen how to shave properly, should be something you work on with them. Show them the ropes, so they can learn this life lesson from someone that has experience. After that, you can continue your battle with them to shower and use deodorant. Oh, and if you forgot about the birds and the bees talk, it might not be a bad time to have a little maybe awkward but informational sex discussion. 

Journey Into Adulthood

Now that your teen has aged a little and has hit the higher teen years and then adulthood at 21, it’s time to get into more serious topics. They include the use of alcohol and narcotics. Granted, you can’t make every single decision for your now budding adult offspring but you can try to guide them. Reassure them of the dangers of narcotics and the responsible use of alcohol. 

There will be times when they might have a few too many glasses of wine– it happens. But to be a functioning adult, they’ll need to know that their daily responsibilities need to be kept. So if overindulgence is the case, a hangover prevention pill can help with the breakdown of alcohol in their system. This way, they can rebound from their exuberant night like a champ. 

There will be multiple aspects of life that you will have to teach your child as they grow from infancy to adulthood. Nobody’s perfect, but if you focus on being the best parent you can be, most of it will come naturally.

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