Guide for Packing Clothes and Shoes for Your Vacation

You’ve finally booked your dream vacation. You’re escaping the grey winter skies of your town for the warm waves and humid air of a tropical paradise. Before you grab your suitcase, read these tips on what to pack for the land of sand.

Don’t wait until the last minute

If you’re one of those people who wait until the night before a flight to throw a bunch of stuff into a suitcase and call it good, change your ways! You don’t want to end up in a dramatically different climate for a week of rest and relaxation with the same stuff you wear at home. If you’ve got nothing good to wear, do a little bit of shopping. Browse for unique mens clothing, including shirts and shorts, either online or in person. Buying things ahead of time is way more affordable than buying whatever you manage to find at your destination. Read on to learn about a few must-haves before heading south.


If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a beach, you will probably want to buy a new swimsuit. It’s not a bad idea to look online or at local stores to see what trends are in this season. Also, different beaches have different norms around what people wear in the water, on the beach, and on the boardwalk. Do some research to avoid standing out like a store thumb.


You’re not going to need your warmest jacket, but tropical places do still get chilly in the evenings. Plus, sometimes hotels and restaurants can be uncomfortably cold. Cardigans, overcoats, spellbound moon hoodies (think goth clothes for men) can be perfect for this. Get something that is made of cotton polyester so that it does not make you feel heated too much. This way, you can enjoy the chilly evenings without feeling uncomfortable.

Generally speaking, dressing in layers is a good idea for places with colder weather than you’re used to. And don’t forget light t-shirts or wraps for protecting yourself from the sun.


Definitely give some thought to what shoes you pack. Flip flops are fun for the beach, but if you spend a day walking around your vacation city, you might end up with blisters. Pack something for the beach, the motel, and something more durable for walks. Sandals are still a good bet for this, just make something you get something well made and comfortable.


Some people don’t like wearing hats, but in very sunny climates, pretty much everyone ends up wearing something on their heads. Avoid wearing whatever the gift shop has on sale by bringing your own sun-proof hat. Look online for ideas if you don’t usually wear hats and have no idea where to start. There are lots of different styles and fits that will affect your appearance and experience.

Formal Attire

You might not think you’ll need anything formal for the beach, but you just never know. If you are traveling with a partner, there might be a special night you want to dress up for. Or, if you meet someone while on vacation, you might want to invite them out to a classy dinner. Don’t be that person wearing a Hawaiian print shirt under the suit coat you bought at the hotel. Pack something simple but formal so you’ll be prepared for everything.

All that being said, your vacation destination will likely have a store with all the basics available. If you wait to buy a sunhat there, you might match every other tourist who didn’t plan ahead, but at least your eyes will be shaded and your skin protected.

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