Great Gifts for New Parents

There’s nothing like bringing home a new baby, especially for first-time parents. This is the perfect time for family and friends to come together and welcome the new addition, which includes bringing the baby gifts. 

When deciding which gifts to give parents with a new baby on the way, there are many that come to mind. Typically, first-time parents are given gifts that they don’t necessarily need, simply because they’re cute. There are, however, gifts that are adorable and practical that they’ll absolutely love.


If there’s anything a newborn baby will go through, it’s diapers. Nowadays, you can even get cloth diapers if the new parents are working towards lowering their impact on the environment. Diapers are practical and cute, especially presented as a diaper cake. Diaper cakes are great centerpieces for baby showers or the nursery and can be taken off piece by piece as the baby needs them.

Baby Box

If you can’t decide on a specific gift you want to pick, why not opt for a baby box? Lots of stores and websites offer a baby welcome box for newborns that includes samples of popular baby products. You can also create your own box with some pacifiers, bibs, and even a swaddle to help the baby get through the night. You can even center the items around a certain activity. For instance, if your box is for the tub, you can add soap, a bath toy, a little robe, a pair of slippers, and some moisturizer for after the bath. This knocks out a few registry list items in a nicely arranged box or basket.

Bottle Warmer

Of the many ways to calm a baby, warm milk is definitely on the top of the list. Whether the new mother uses formula or pumps, heating those milk bottles is a lot easier with a bottle warmer. They’re portable and run on a timer so mom and dad won’t have to worry about evenly heating the milk or burning it.

Baby Carrier

While strollers are a great tool to carry a new baby around, it is also great to have a body hanging baby carrier. These are great for carrying a newborn around while still having access to your hands, as well as taking a walk places that may be too crowded for a stroller. There are a number of carrier styles. One is the wrap, which is great because it’s easy to put away when it isn’t being used or doubles as a veil while breastfeeding. There is also a standard carrier that you simply slide the baby into.


Clothing is another item newborns will always need. Keep in mind, babies grow relatively fast, so getting clothes in a couple of sizes will help them last.

Being a first-time parent can be very challenging. When choosing a gift for a newborn’s parents, it’s the thought that counts. Finding an adorable gift is great, but finding something that will make spending quality time with their little one easier is a gift that keeps on giving. These registry-friendly gifts help take a major burden from any new parent and will inspire them to return the favor when you’re expecting.

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