Destination: Summer Hair

With summer right around the corner and the verging excitement of taking a break or vacationing, chances are you are considering changing your hairstyle to prepare for your new adventure or even the new season. Whereas your destination or the weather may be a tempting consideration for your new do, you should instead base your new style on the shape of your face. 

If you don’t know what shape your face is, figuring it out is pretty straightforward. To determine the shape of your face, you have to examine your forehead and cheekbones, the length of your face and your jawline. If you have a strong jawline, chances are you have a square or rectangular face; if that jawline comes to a point, it lends to a heart-shaped face. Also, look at the length of your face, a round face will be shorter than an oval face. Another effective method is to print a photograph of your face and simply trace the outline, following your hairline. Whatever shape that outline most resembles is your shape. Of course, you can also have a combination of shapes, but to choose a hairstyle that is ideal for you, pay attention to your more prominent features to get the most accurate idea.

Now that you know what shape you want to compliment, choose your haircut accordingly. If you have a round face, the most flattering cut will be a long bob or something asymmetrical. You want to avoid a cut that hugs your face because that will add to the roundness as opposed to complement it. You can add to the sass factor of a funky haircut by pairing it with a playful, possibly off the shoulder, plus size romper. Tying in a flattering yet fun outfit can be exactly what you need for that added zest just in time for summer.

Is your face more square than round? Look into cuts that keep your forehead from being exposed; showing off too much of your forehead draws attention to the shape of your face instead of elongating it for the most aesthetically pleasing look. You can always add wispy bangs or layers to add texture to your style. 

Are you trying to draw attention away from the fact that you have a long face? Providing you avoid the extreme cuts, you should be fine. If your hair is either too long or too short, accentuating the shape of your face will be inevitable. You can also add bangs and/or layers to a longer cut to enhance the texture or sassiness of your style.

Those with oval faces have the least to worry about because that shape compliments most any style or cut you could imagine. You could easily transition from a long style to something extremely short and still look great. The only thing you really have to be cautious about is sporting a length somewhere in the middle because that can easily take away from your gorgeous facial features.

When deciding which cuts are most flattering for your specific face shape, have a look at celebrities with similar shapes and see what they are doing with their hair. Once you know the length and overall cut you are going with, you can also play with color. Oftentimes, adding highlights or going with a slightly lighter hue in the warmer months can add a vibrancy that’s associated with the brighter season and refresh your overall look. But you don’t have to stop at the color; you can play with the volume as well. Adding a playful curl or slight wave can also be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Summer is right around the corner, what new haircut is waiting for you?

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