5 Simple Things to Do to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Having your home burgled can be a nightmare. Not only is it disruptive and distressing, for many victims, but it’s also difficult to feel safe once your home has been violated. If you or your family are home when it happens, it can also be quite dangerous. Of course, break-ins aren’t the only dangerous things that can happen in your home. It’s important to remember that prevention is often quite better than a cure. So, here’s a quick look at a few ways you can keep your home burglar proof and your family safe.

Security Cameras

You might not be aware of this, but some home insurance companies will offer a discount on your premium if you have home security systems installed. Aside from that, seeing outdoor security cameras can be a big deterrent for would-be burglars. If you also have them inside, you can keep an eye on your home and family even when you aren’t there. If you are still worried that burglars can try and break in, even with security cameras installed, you may want to look at how something like gates security systems and other protective services, can help keep your home secure.

Clean It Up

A clean home is a safe home, so don’t forget that the next time you have some moldy fruit or are considering getting the best bidet to improve your bathroom hygiene. Whether it’s keep your home safe from disease and germ or physical dangers, anyone can be injured in a fall, but there are steps you can take to keep everyone safely on their feet. One easy way to do this is to make sure to keep your home clean. Make sure that items that are easily tripped over, such as toys, throw rugs, and electrical cords are not on the floor. Keep your stairs free from clutter and ensure that you have handrails on each side of them.

You might also want to install switches for the lights at both the bottom and the top of the staircase. Use nonslip mats or rubber duck stickers on the floor of the shower and bath and install a grab bar next to the bathtub, shower, and toilet. These things aren’t just useful for children and older family members, they can help everyone.

Social Media

We all tend to share our lives (sometimes overly) on social media. One way to keep your home safe from burglars is to not broadcast when you’ll be going on vacation. You don’t need to tell the entire world when your home is going to be empty on Facebook or Instagram. It might seem like a great idea to post that pic of your family having fun at the beach, but you’re also essentially letting everyone know that your house is currently not occupied. Instead, wait until you get home to share your memories.

Neighbors Can Help

Aside from sometimes being able to get neighbors, or their teenaged kids, to watch your kids when you need an emergency babysitter, you can also get the neighbors involved with keeping your home (and theirs) safer. Protecting your home from break-ins can be a bit easier when there’s a neighborhood watch in effect. In fact, this type of program can actually deter burglars when it comes to the entire neighborhood. It can also be quite a comfort to know that your neighbors are watching out for you.

Light It Up

Security lights can also be quite helpful. There are timer switches you can buy that will turn your lights off and on at preset times so that it appears as if someone is in your home. You can also get apps for your smart devices that will essentially do the same thing. Additionally, security lights that are motion activated are not only a deterrent for burglars but can also be helpful to you when you come in late at night or are taking out the trash in the dark.

Finally, get insurance. Most homeowners’ and even renter’s insurance will protect you in the event that someone breaks in to your home or if someone happens to be injured while on your property.

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