Why People Are Eloping Instead of Having Big Weddings

Elopements used to be associated with an escape, a forbidden matrimony, or a spur of the moment decision. Today, elopements have a more positive and classy association. More couples are opting to elope rather than have a large wedding. However, the sentiment is still the same. An elopement is still a celebration of love with your close friends and family, but on a smaller scale.

Why Elopements are Better Than Big Weddings

Less Expensive Ceremonies

For one thing, elopements are more affordable due to the optional venues and smaller party. The most expensive aspects of the wedding may be the engagement ring and wedding rings. Otherwise, everything else can be toned down and budgeted for a minimum of 4 people – the couple and witnesses.

Varied Venues

When eloping, one usually goes to the courthouse. However, many couples have chosen to elope in beautiful locations like national parks, resorts, churches, and sometimes in other countries. Choosing elopement over a large wedding could also help to keep the celebration small and personal. You also get multiple options in the selection of a wedding venue azle tx, or in other locations, without worrying about the expenses, guest limitations, or too much planning. So, the beauty of eloping is that there is no obligation to invite many people who can’t make it, and you can have the ceremony with your closest family and friends.

Smaller Everything

Elopements are characterized by all things minimal, small, and economical — Smaller cakes; uncomplicated food menus; smaller pre-events; serene yet affordable colorado wedding venues (if that is where you are planning to get hitched); and the likes. Because an elopement usually consists of immediate family and closest friends, most of the items and accommodations for the wedding can do without having to be extravagant. Rehearsal dinners don’t need a reserved event space, and receptions can be done in a private room instead of the entire restaurant.

Simpler Attires

Not only do you have the option of renting a dress or buying something off the rack, you can get a simple wedding dress made faster than an intricately designed dress. The same goes for tuxes. Grooms can opt to wear suits since the event won’t be very formal. The guests can rest easy as well since there is no white or black-tie requirement. Moreover, with the help of Oregon elopement photographer (or one in your preferred state), the bride and groom can still slay in photographs while getting all the best and most beautiful moments captured by a professional.

Shorter Events

Rather than spend the whole day focusing on all aspects of the wedding, you are done with an elopement when you say I do. Usually, a regular wedding will need a year’s worth of planning and the day itself can be more stressful than what it is worth. With an elopement, everything can be ready and done within a day or two.

Just as Great as a Traditional Wedding

While some may think that elopements are too simple for a special ceremony like a wedding, it’s actually just as amazing as the former. Elopements are romantic, personal, intimate, and lovely. It has its own charm and can give a couple memories that can last a lifetime.

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