Explore Lassithi Region in East Crete

Covering the eastern part of the largest Greek island of Crete, the Lasithi Prefecture makes a very strong case for one of those destinations a true traveller would love to get lost in. An internal battle can very easily breakout, between that part of you that wants to capture every moment and the other part of you which seeks to get lost in the trip. At some point along the 400km of impressive scenery, you just want to savour the moment and take everything in, in a more natural way.

There are several coves, bays, peninsulas, capes, and of course, Voulismeni Lagoon! It makes for a fascinating experience to come away with, popping into the traditional inland villages, with their enchanting character and the natural environment they’re situation in. Even the plantations are nothing short of majestically impressive, dedicated to some of the agricultural activity which goes on, on the island. Citrus trees, wheat, olive trees and vineyards make for some unmistakably beautiful scenery which you could perhaps legitimately proclaim to be unique to the entire Mediterranean region… with a Greek island twist, of course…

Okay, so if you really want to get the full measure of Lassithi and come away from these eastern Crete region truly satisfied with its unique offerings, you’ll need to rent a car. So, a visit to Rental Center Crete is mandatory. With the freedom that comes with that kind of mobility, you can indulge in the true traveller’s ultimate dream of experiencing a very popular tourist destination without so much as a whiff of it being a touristy location.

As you make your way inland from the coast, there is almost no hint of any tourist development. It almost completely disappears, with Krista making for the only exception. Still, the visitors who flock to the village are drawn by the allure contained in its traditional atmosphere, so you get a little bit of the best of both worlds, so to say.

All in all, Lassithi is characterised by green plains which complement the high-rising mountains to make for some of the most picturesque village scenery you’ll find anywhere in the world.

What’s a Mediterranean island escape without a bit (or a lot) of beach action? Elounda, which is 10km north of Agios Nikolaos, houses the most famous of Lassithi’s beaches, so too Vai, Ierapetra and Makrygialos. See why you’ll need a car? Makrygialos is 61km to the southeast of Agios Nikolaos…

Sitia (or Siteia) is another important town of the Lassithi region, attracting its fair share of tourists each year. Go and check it out and see for yourself why!

Explore the ancient city of Olounda for a truly cultural experience that’s deep-rooted in the history of the island of Crete and perhaps the nearby Spinalonga islet, if the weather permits.

Make sure to get an early start to your day if you’re not lodging in the eastern part Crete, which is likely the case because most of the tourist accommodation is located in the north and north eastern parts of the island.

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