The burgeoning sex toy selling business – It is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry!

The online sex toy industry is gradually burgeoning to become a $15 billion industry. With a staggering CAGR of 8%, this industry is all set to exceed the $50BN mark by the time it’s 2020. According to market research, it was seen that the biggest proportion of sales was mainly due to the 3 types of categories of sex toys, adult vibrators, dildos and erection rings. The first one accounts for 25% of the total sales all over the world.

With the gaining momentum of websites like, it can be safely said that the adult toy industry is expanding like never before. The increased rate of acceptance of such sex toys is the biggest reason behind this global reach.

The journey of the sex toy business to become a multi-billion industry

The era that we see in 2019 is much ahead of the era that we previously saw. Nowadays, there is not just a change in acceptance of such products but the way in which people buy them has also improved. The current manufacturers face hard competition from several others operating in the same market. This could be the reason for New sex machine and different adult toys getting launched in the market every now and then. The main goal of the manufacturers is to improve the toys in every single aspect so that it can please the customers in the best possible way.

  • The manufacturers are investing millions on development of the product and on the research. They are waiting to get feedback from users based on their suggestions, demands and needs in a specific product.
  • The brands that sell sex toys are expanding their corporate responsibilities and they’ve begun to take part in mainstream events. They are sponsoring events and donating money to charitable causes.

What are the advancements in respect to manufacturing sex toys?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the facilities for manufacturing have become way more advanced, speedier and efficient than what it was before. From secure silicon replicas to unsafe rubber, the manufacturing units have introduced so far. With such advancements in this industry, people may find it easy to get their favorite sex toys (probably from at affordable prices. Here are few advancement in technology to take note of:

  • Batteries have become rechargeable and affordable thereby making the sex toys powered by USB more accessible than what they were before.
  • The companies currently use better and improved motors with motion control which makes toys like vibrators multi-functional and more controlled. You can get increased speed and advanced controls like tapping, pulsating and rolling.
  • The feel and look of the sex toys have changed than the earlier look. Now they are available in several shapes, colors and sizes thereby making them appropriate for everyone.
  • Sex toys have become waterproof making it pleasurable for the user to use under a hot shower or inside a bathtub. The toys can be properly cleaned in water without facing any other issues.
  • Sex toys have become smart and automatic (you can check this website to see some).

Therefore the sex toys that are sold over online stores are linked to clichéd images and other societal regulations that are linked with closeness. With the help of disguised marketing, online business has been able to grow and make the industry cross the mark of $15 bn.

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