Plan a successful move – Know how to pack your wine glasses and coffee mugs

Are you all set to move to your new abode? If answered yes, the first question that must have come to your mind is about how to make the move as easy as possible. While there are ace packers and movers like that are waiting to help you successfully move from one place to another, there’s one thing that must have completely gone off your head. How about moving your kitchen items which are mostly made of glass?

When you plan to move your kitchen items, you need to be extra watchful while packing them as they’re fragile things that might break with even a little push. The wine glasses and coffee mugs are two of the most favorite things that you own in a kitchen. How are you supposed to make sure that they don’t break during the move? Read on.

Pack your wine glasses before moving – The steps

Your wine glasses are undoubtedly one among the prized possessions that you can have and hence you have to be extra careful about packing them so that they don’t break into pieces. Click here for the best wine fact. Here are few steps to take to wrap and pack your wine glasses.

  • Each glass should be wrapped individually. Begin by stuffing the inside part of the glass and ensure that you wrap papers around the stem which is the most breakable part.
  • Don’t place any other glass in the box where you pack your wine glasses. If you mix other kitchen wares along with the wine glasses, that might call for danger. Buy the cell boxes that are specially designed for packing wine glasses or other breakable items.
  • Seal the box and ensure writing ‘Fragile’ on top of the box.
  • In case of gaps, fill them with newspaper as this will prevent the glasses from moving while moving.

Pack your coffee mugs during the move – The steps

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, do check out as they sell the fresh roasted coffee beans. But what if you’re moving? How would you protect your coffee mugs?

  • Prepare the box for moving by adding a bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper so that it provides ample cushioning.
  • Just as the wine glasses, protect the coffee mugs by stuffing it with crumpled paper as this will make them stronger during the move.
  • When you wrap the coffee mug from outside, try to use 2-3 layers of wrapping paper as that will give double protection.
  • Don’t leave any empty spaces. Wherever you find space, stuff with newspaper.
  • Write ‘Fragile’ outside the packing box and make sure the box is tightly sealed.

Now that you know how to pack your coffee mugs and wine glasses, follow the instructions to the T. Do you feel any better after packing them all by yourself? As you successfully transfer them to your new home, reward yourself by buying a new pair of wine glasses and coffee mugs.

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