Laser marking and its little-known benefits – How does the process help?

Lasers are used in different areas where there is a requirement for permanent marking that is not only cost-effective but also aesthetically demanding and informative. Laser marking is leveraged in several industries through which components, products and articles can be given lifetime traceability via plain texts, graphics, codes or matrix codes.

In laser marking, laser light is used to bring about a change in the properties of the material locally which in turn produces shapes or texts. Laser marking and engraving are two different concepts which are used interchangeably. Laser etching is also used to describe the process of marking a material. You may check Laser Marking Systems for more info on laser marking.

The multi-faceted benefits of laser marking

  • Laser marking process is non-contact

A process where a laser beam is used is always a non-contact process which implies that the beam of the laser is not physically touching the material or is not in direct contact with the respective material. Hence, it is only going to affect the place that is being heated and therefore it won’t cause any damage to the material. If you recently bought a solar water heater from Hydro Solar, you can use laser beam to write down your name or anything else that you desire to with the help of laser marking.

  • Laser marking won’t strip off the material

This is a unique process is done in such a way that it won’t take off the material on which it is done unlike laser engraving. It works by heating up the targeted area and this is called oxidisation. There is a color change under the material surface and this leaves a permanent mark.

  • Works on a wide range of materials

Laser marking works extremely well on a wide array of materials. This is vital as there are so many industries like that require engraving names or codes on their products and components. It can work on materials like glass, metals, ceramics, plastics and silicon. Hence, various industries can use laser marking technology for their best purpose.

  • Works with a wide range of sizes and shapes

While it can work on several materials, this process can also work perfectly on a wide range of sizes and shapes as well. You can do laser marking in simple objects, in larger ones, in complex ones and also in smaller ones.

  • Different industries can use laser marking

Given the wide range of applications, there are several industries that can use laser marking. Few examples are the aerospace industry, the semiconductor industry, the medical industry, the automotive industry and the electronics industry. Such laser marking trends can also become beneficial in the heavy duty manufacturing sectors as well.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the benefits of laser marking, make use of it. Get in touch with a professional laser marking company that can offer you services at the best competitive rates.

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