Know your job options in the field of health care industry – Grow your career

There’s no doubt when we say that health care jobs have always had a high demand all over the world. Regardless of the time that you wish to spend in college education, you can always get a job in the medical field. A passion for helping people and proper education are the two main things that you would need to jumpstart your career in the health care industry. Professionals from health care organizations like reportedly said that most of the new employers are freshers straight out of college with a decent educational graph.

In this post, we are going to take you through a list of the careers that you can build in the health care industry. Thanks to the National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, there are several young faces looking forward to be a part of this industry.

  • Medical assistant

Have you heard of people who complete all sorts of administrative tasks within the office of a doctor? This is the job of a medical assistant and these jobs are growing faster than several other professions. These jobs have seen a growth of 35% between 2012 and 2020. With minimum training, medical assistants can find high-paid jobs. You can earn $34,510 in a year by playing the role of a medical assistant.

  • Homecare aide

A homecare aide will have the task of taking care of a patient who is home-bound or who is bed-ridden. The person has to help the patient with regular activities like dressing, bathing and housekeeping. He can either travel with several patients in a day or be assigned to a single patient for the whole day. Such workers usually take care of the elderly, the disabled, the mentally challenged, or the chronically ill. Around $25,010 is the annual salary of such jobs. Having said that, if you’re looking for caregiving jobs in philadelphia, go through websites like to know more about opting for this career.

  • Nursing Assistant

A certified nursing assistant or a CNA is a person who assists a licensed vocational nurse to get over an entire day at work. Such an assistant can be responsible for organizing medicines, giving sponge baths or deducing signs made by the patients. There are many such nursing assistants who work in retirement homes where they take care of retired patients who are not able to do things on their own. To get such jobs, you may contact companies like through which you can get in touch with healthcare institutions. Their HR professionals help in the placement of the right people at the right place.

  • Therapist

Mental health counselors and therapists usually assist patients in overcoming their mental health disorders. While there are some specialists who specialize in certain disorders like schizophrenia or dementia or depression, there are others who offer help for all kinds of issues. $71,750 is the average salary that therapists can earn in a month. Just as you would check out websites like SunPan modern furniture to buy your latest furniture, you should also do your research before hiring the best therapist.

Therefore, if you seem to be interested in any of the above mentioned career options, you may train yourself accordingly so that you can have the right level of skills that are required for the job.

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