Jumpstart your business in the most business-friendly locations in the world

Jumpstarting a business can always be intimidating as entrepreneurs and investors have to choose the best possible location for starting a business. While there are several locations in the world that are extremely suitable for setting up a business but as there are too many places in the whole world, you need to follow a list of the countries that have been ranked by the Best Countries to Start a Business. To learn more on the locations, you may check out the website linked.

If you’ve planned to open a new business of your own, here are the names of the best countries to start off with. Check them out and plan accordingly.

  1. Malaysia

Did you know that starting a business in Malaysia takes around 13-14 days, reduced from 24 days as per the World Bank? In the last few years, there were 6 different business reforms in Malaysia due to which starting a business became much easier in this country. They introduced a system of online registration for services and goods tax which made it faster and easier for a person to start a business.

  • Singapore

According to reports from the World Bank, it takes one and half days in Singapore to start a business. It was in the last year that Singapore brought about certain reforms due to which starting a business became much easier as there were fewer corporate seals. For the local businessmen, Singapore offers one of the most business-friendly environments just after Hong Kong and South Korea.

  • Silicon Valley, California

Silicon Valley is still the gold standard as long as startups are concerned. The potential for funding and the support network of the area makes it the best location for an entrepreneur to start a business. If you’re wondering about staying in California for starting your business, you needn’t worry as there are websites like https://rentalcity.ca through which you can rent anything from computers, appliances, electronic gadgets, furniture or e-bikes, whichever thing you may need.

However, even if you are not interested to start your business in Silicon Valley, you could look for some other area to start your venture in California. The state is known to offer plenty of opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. For instance, there are many who often start a cannabis business here. Due to the legalization of the herb in the western state, it has become easier to establish a trade in the location. The only thing they need to do before starting out is to read up on posts found on the likes of Global Brands Magazine to know how they should proceed. /p>

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is the only non-American ecosystem that brags of being home to the largest density of tech business startups in the whole world. These startups usually depend heavily on promotion and marketing for revenue than the startups that you get in Silicon Valley. They usually focus more on tech-driven and smaller markets rather than the big-market winners.

  • China

As per reports from the World Bank, starting off with a business in China will require 9 days and you have to go through 20 different stages. In the last few years, starting a business became easier by abiding by the company registrations and by simplifying the registrations of social security. Beijing is one of the 2 cities where the process of setting up a business is entirely free.

Therefore, if you’re all set to tread the path of becoming rich, you can wait a while and take a look at Rebecca Mountain as they tell you what it means to be rich. Follow their preaching and choose an apt location for your business.

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