3 Tips For Teaching Your Teen How To Shave

As your child moves into the teenage years, there are still plenty of things that you have to teach and guide them on, even if they might seem hesitant or resistant at first. One of these things, regardless of the gender of your teen, is how to shave.

While you might assume that your teen can figure out how to shave on their own, having you there to show them the proper way to shave effectively and safely can help make this learning experience much easier to master. So to help you with this, here are three tips for teaching your teen how to shave. 

Start With A Trip To The Store

Once your teen has hit the point in puberty where they should start shaving, Denise Witmer, a contributor to Very Well Health, shares that the first thing you should do is take a trip to the store together. While you’re there, spend some time going over what items they should be looking for and what products will be important for a safe and effective shave.

Some of the items you should be sure to explain and potentially get for your teen to use when learning to shave include razors and extra razor cartridges, shaving cream, lotion to apply after shaving, and any other items that you’ve found helpful. Ideally, you should also help them find a safe place to keep these items so they can be found when needed and don’t get left lying around so they can develop bacteria. 

Always Use A Quality Razor

The most important item for your teen to have when learning how to shave for the first few times is a quality razor.

According to Jennifer O’Donnell, a contributor to Very Well Family, using a dull razor can put your teen at higher risk for cutting themselves while shaving. Because of this, it’s important that you teach your teen when to get a new razor or replace the cartridge on their current razor. 

Additionally, you could also consider getting an electric razor for your teen, especially if you have a son. These razors can be a great way to safely get comfortable with shaving your face without some of the hassles that come with using traditional razors. 

Know How To Avoid Nicks And Cuts

Getting a handle on shaving can take time and experience. In the meantime, your teen will likely get nicks or cuts while they try to perfect their technique.

To help them minimize this, KidsHealth.org recommends that you teach your teen how to shave around particularly sensitive areas, like the knees and ankles for girls and any zits or edges for boys. 

If your teen is about ready to start shaving, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you teach them all they need to know. 

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