What To Do If You’re In An Accident On Vacation

The last thing you want to experience while you’re on vacation is a car accident. If you’ve just spent the time researching the best road trips in the world to plan a perfect road trip adventure.

Being stranded in an unfamiliar area can be scary and unsettling.  Knowing what to do if you’re ever caught in such a scenario may just be what saves your senses from being completely overloaded.  

Check out a quick overview of some of the most important tidbits you should know about what to do if you’re ever in a vehicle collision while on vacation.  Take a few mental notes, and stay safe while you’re out on the roads.  

If you’re driving a rental car 

If you’re in a rental car at the time of a vehicle collision, you have a special set of scenarios to consider.  Your rental should be covered by your own insurance or the insurance offered by the agency renting the vehicle.  

If you opted out of the option of insurance, you could be in a world of financial trouble.  Just don’t do it. Always keep coverage, as replacing a rental vehicle is never an affordable alternative.  

Directly after the accident

Directly after a vehicle accident, you should always check for injuries.  The presence or severity of injuries to the individuals involved in the accident will determine your next path.  

If everyone is physically in the “green,” you can consider moving your vehicle to a safer spot away from traffic.  If there are severe injuries from the accident, call the police immediately.  Stay with the injured person (as long as it doesn’t put you in added danger), and wait until help arrives.  

After you call the police, you might want to contact a lawyer as well. No matter who is at fault, it’s always better to have a lawyer in your corner if the need for their service arises. If you’re in a strange place and don’t have a lawyer on retainer, then consider contacting a qualified car accident law firm nearby that could help you out. After all, you don’t want to be stuck at a police station for hours on end while you’re on vacation.

Finding a way home 

If you have the right type of vehicle insurance coverage, your insurance company will help pay for you to get home safely.  Otherwise, you could consider renting a vehicle to drive home. You could also grab a cheap bus ticket, or call a trusted friend/family member to give you a lift.  

Moving on from a minor collision

Oftentimes vehicle collisions result in minor damage and no injuries.  If this is the case, you can move on from the minor inconvenience with minimal interruption.  

You always have to notify the local authorities when a car accident occurs, so don’t skip that step.  However, once the cops are finished doing their job, you can move on with your journey.  

Contact your insurance agent 

After you are safe at home (or in your hotel), you should notify your insurance agent of the accident.  Don’t wait a day or two to get the news along to your insurance company. Let them get started on fixing the issue as soon as possible, and don’t waste time filing a claim.

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